Podcast 2014 Episode 27 – Giro Rosa Part One

Podcast logoThis week it’s literally the middle of the Giro Rosa and we recap all the excitement of the first 4 stages (including surprise climbs and stealth potholes). There’s the twilight prologue, the dominance of a team we’ll codename Labobank-Riv who have grasped every additional bonification and second on offer so far. We talk about the strange breakaways and the theory of the secret Italian attacking cup (they’re all chasing one rider down in particular). After we get through all of that, we take a look ahead at the upcoming stages, discuss the mountains and whether Mara Abbott will be able to grab enough time back on the climbs. (49:48 MIN / 47.81 MB)

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All the Giro Rosa video links you need:

Stage 4 Q&A – Spratty, Vale and Audrey Cordon

Stage 4 video roundup.

Stage 3 Q&A – Amanda Spratt & Valen Scandolara

Stage 3 video roundup.

Stage 2 Q&A – Valentina Scandolara

Stage 2 video roundup.

Stage 1 video roundup.

How to watch the Giro Rosa.


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