How to follow the 2014 Giro Rosa live & watch the tv

It’s time for the biggest women’s stage race of the year, the Giro Rosa, aka the Giro Donne, running from 4th to 13th July, the only women’s race that the UCI allow to run for ten days – and this year it’s extra special, as it’s the 25th iteration of the women’s Giro.   As always, I’m here to tell you how to watch highlights online, follow the racing online and find all kinds of coverage.  And of course, if you find more ways to follow it, tell me in the comments, and I’ll edit them in!  But let’s start with some previews – here’s the ORICA-AIS team announcement and preview, and preview videos from Rabobank-Liv, with superstar Marianne Vos, who won the race in 2011 and 2012, and UnitedHealthCare, who come in with the reigning champion Mara Abbott

So, how can we follow the race?

Follow live

There are no live streams of the race, but we get really good coverage on twitter – of course there’s the race twitter account, and I’ve got my racing list that will include everyone who live-tweets from the race (keep an especial eye on Boels-Dolmans mechanic, Richard Steege, Rabo-Liv’s mechanic Sem Versteeg and Hitec Products boss Karl Lima).  And watch the #GiroRosa hashtag UPDATE!  Apparently it’s #GiroRosa14 – that will have lots of lovely stuff.

UPDATE!  The fabulous Sean who runs the Velofocus site, will be at the race.  Last year he had gorgeous photos, so keep an eye on his twitter.  I’m so jealous of him, but very happy for him too, I know he’ll have the greatest time!

MORE UPDATES!  My favourite cycling photographer, Wei Yuet Wong, is out at the race – follow his twitter and his website for any of his photos!  And they’ll also be on the Instagram

TV Highlights and other video

One of the best things about the Giro is that there’s an hour of video on RAI Sport 2 every day, and this is streamed online, too.  Have a look at the RAI Sport 2 feed now, and see if you can see it – and if you can’t, I recommend proxies/VPNs, or Hola or Tunnelbear set to Italy (apparently Tunnelbear is better – see comments for advice!  You open TB, start the stream and after 5 mins or so, can turn off your Tunnelbear).    Check out the TV schedule for proper timings, as it does change quickly, but the first tv show looks like it’s on Friday 4th July at 18:00 CEST  00:30 (I told you the tv schedule changes!) (11:30pm UK BST; 6:30pm USA EST; 3:30pm USA PST; 8:30am Saturday Aus AEST)  and then at 18:15  (5:15pm UK CEST; 1:15pm USA EST; 10:15am USA PST and 2:15am in Australian AEST – sorry!) for 45 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.

UPDATE!  Check the comments for more timings, thanks Monty!

The race organisers usually put out a video a day on their youtube, and I’ll be watching Rabo-Liv and Wiggle Honda‘s youtubes as they make really great race videos – and I’ll be pulling all the youtube videos I find into my Giro Rosa playlist, and putting up daily posts here and on Podium Café with race reports and all the videos I can find.

Follow the riders

This week I’m pulling together my twitter list of all the riders and teams who are in the race, so you can follow how they’re feeling, and see links to any blogs etc that there will be.  And of course, I hope you have everyone on Chloe Hosking’s list of riders who blog, to keep an eye on them!  Wifi can be patchy, but if there’s one thing we know about the women’s peloton, it’s that they love keeping in touch with us!

UPDATE! Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio will be posting audio report every day on her facebook

More coverage – and previews

You can listen to what I think about the Giro course and contenders, along with a run-down of the National Championships and other things I like, in my latest women’s cycling podcast with Dan.

There will be daily race reports on the race website, which has all the race profiles, details etc. I’ll have daily race threads on the Podium Café story stream, and in this week before the race I’ll be posting daily threads there with a whole load of different riders telling us what they’re thinking about the Giro:

  •  My interview with Emma Pooley, including the Giro
  • Part 1 of my Rider Q&As, with Ash Moolman-Pasio, Tiffany Cromwell, Megan Guarnier, Alison Powers, Jolien D’Hoore and Lucy Garner
  • Part 2 of my Rider Q&As with Marianne Vos, Emma Johansson, Alena Amialiusik, Sharon Laws & the super-funny & honest Aussies Chloe Hosking and Jessie Maclean
  • Part 3 of the Q&As, with Evelyn Stevens, Ellen van Dijk, Audrey Cordon, Hannah Barnes, Valentina Scandolara and Italian Champion Elena Cecchini on why she’s not riding
  • Part 3, with Elisa Longo Borghini, Shelley Olds and Tayler Wiles

Sean at Velofocus has a great preview (use his profiles, not the race’s!) and the race preview thread on Velorooms is full of information.  UPDATE!  Another preview, on Cycling Tips – and Tiffany Cromwell will be writing daily race reports for them, so you have to keep looking there!

MORE! Cycling Weekly’s preview, and Bicycling’s previews of the course and the contenders.  And if you want a BIG preview in Spanish, here’s the Giro Rosa portal on El Pelotón – and another Spanish preview by Saul on Cobbles & Hills


UPDATE!  This is really gorgeous – VeloViewer has a really beautiful visual representation of all the Giro climbs – wow!  LOVE!

And of course, if you see more coverage, pre-race info or anything else, please do let me know here in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll edit it in.  I can’t wait for this race!

And another final update – the Giro’s official trailer



17 thoughts on “How to follow the 2014 Giro Rosa live & watch the tv

  1. A VERY competitive race this year! Looking forward to it (though again, as I ranted a year ago @ PdC, the biggest women’s race of the year shouldn’t be relegated to live-updates *only* on twitter, nightly highlight-videos aside they should – & can – do much better than that!!).

    Stage 5 (or whichever one has that long descent to the finish) has Vos written all over it, but I would expect a Pooley/Abbott battle for the GC in the final 2 mountain-finishes. Without Pooley last year, Mara was without-equal on those big mtns… this year will be different!

    And I happy there’s another US trade-team (UHC) at the Giro… besides Abbott in the mtns, expect fireworks from Powers & Rivera in the sprints. Lovin’ it!!

  2. This is so great! I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks for putting this info together. I’ve figured out how to get to Rai Sport 2 feed (took me a while) but don’t see anything in the schedule about the Giro Rosa (granted, my Italian’s not very strong). I only see the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. Would LOVE to see daily video updates. Any further advice? Molto grazie! (Wish it wasn’t so hard to follow women’s cycling!!!)

    • It’s definitely there – click here: and then pick RAI Sport 2 from the left-hand menu – it’s on around 16:00-17:00 (ish, different every day) and it’s called things like Ciclismo: Giro d’Italia Donne 2014 1a tappa – basically the Giro d’Italia is the Giro Rosa! It used to be called the Giro Donne, but changed names last year when the organisation company change.

      And yeah, following women’s cycling needs strong detective skills!

      • Found it! (I was in RAI 2 and not RAI SPORTS 2. Silly.) Thanks so much for your quick reply. I installed TunnelBear and that seems to work great. Added bonus: now I might be able to watch the Tour live in French as well. Thanks for all your detective work and sharing it!! The Giro should be great this year and now I can follow it! Let the fun begin!

  3. Look for “Ciclismo: Giro d’Italia femminile”. Here’s the planned timetable for the first few days (but watch out – times are always very approximate – I schedule to record 40 minutes before and after, and I’ve still missed stuff before. Like the first half of the Italian Nats (spit). All times are Italian.

    Prologue – Saturday 00:30 – 01:15 repeated Saturday 07:00
    Stage 1 – Saturday 18:15 – 19:00 no repeat scheduled
    Stage 2 – Sunday 18:15 – 19:00 no repeat scheduled
    Stage 3 – Monday 18:05 – 18:35 no repeat scheduled
    Stage 4 – Tuesday 18:15 – 19:15 no repeat scheduled
    Stage 5 – Wednesday 18:15 – 19:15 no repeat scheduled

    That’s as much EPG as I’ve got for now. I’ve seen somewhere talk of a late night replay. If it does happen it may just be buried under a general title of “Rubrica” or “Replay” which covers all their overnight programming.

  4. To help your reads out if they are having problems. Tunnelbear gives the best results on viewing. With Hola the video refused to load. Also with Tunnelbear, once you have landed on the page and the video stream is running you can turn tbear off and the video continues to play! mac 10.6.8 with firefox.

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