Podcast 2014 Episode 25 – Sarah Goes Meta!

Podcast logoHi team! This week Sarah goes totally meta as we talk Giro Trentino, mountain biking in Valloire, a bunch of rule changes for track and cyclocross and more blogs, videos and rap battles than you can poke a stick at. (The rap battles might be a lie). We also talk a bit about the recent types of innovative footage we’ve seen generated and how we think that can benefit the sport over time. Sarah also comes up with a guaranteed money-making scheme which involves cycling related BDSM… Dan sincerely wishes she hadn’t. It’s a cracking episode and you’re sure to enjoy (or be punished by Mistress Sarah)! As always, don’t forget to check the links, videos and stories below for even more women’s cycling goodness, including trackstands and sly grins! (1:11:29 MIN / 68.63 MB)


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Links to all the things we talked about this week, and lots we didn’t get around to….

We loved this video of Tiffany Cromwell talking trackstands while demonstrating one


Last week’s racing

Giro del Trentino

ORICA-AIS report and photos of the lovely Valentina Scandolara’s win.  Follow her on twitter – and smile at this podium shot!

Enduro World Series #3 – Valloire

As always with MTB, there are some lovely things to watch and look at – the Dirt tv preview video, which explains the event; Photos from Day 1 on Dirt and Pinkbike and video from Dirt tv; and Photos from Day 2 on Pinkbike and Dirt, and video on Dirt tv (Sarah especially likes this photo of Tracy Moseley!)


Jill Kintner won the USA downhill national champs


News, interviews, blog and more!

There have been some big changes to the way the omnium will work on the track – Sarah’s confused as she’s missed the press releases and articles about this, and it looks like they’re making the omnium more complicated – but here are the changes, what do you think?

There have also been changes to cyclocross rules, and these are really positive for women, especially for younger riders, and providing more parity.  Read this great run-down of the changes by Gregg at the ChainStay


Remember last week we were happy at apparent good news for track Para-cycling?  It turns out it’s not so good after all…..  read more here.


Have we told you lately that we love Marianne Vos?  Here are more reasons to – her blog giving advice on positioning, for beginners, including talking about the kinds of races she finds hard, and an interview on Rapha about how cycling made her less shy, and what inspires her.


Another rider whose blogs we always love – Chloe Hosking on her small army of supporters, and people who’ve helped her career.  We especially love what she says about Ina-Yoko Teutenberg – and her blog on Commonwealths selection.  Oh, and another blog, on Suffering in Spain at the Emakumeen Bira.  Lots of Chloe, but we always like that!

Speaking of the Emakumeen Bira, Babelia interviewed the Bira’s coordinator Agustín Ruiz Larringan all about how the race is put together, and the challenges and rewards of all that work – read it here.


More love! Part 1 of Tina Levin‘s interview with Emilia Fahlin was great, and part 2 is just as fantastic, where she talks about everything from her shoot in the controversial Cyclepassion calendar to social media to dealing with the deaths of friends on the road….  just read it all, right now!


One of the things Sarah sees a lot of is UK race organisers on twitter calling desperately for more women to enter their races, often with slightly accusatory notes that women say they want races, but don’t enter.  This always makes us wonder – what’s the publicity like?  Are there any issues which makes racing harder for women? (eg if a race is held on the same day as bigger races, if it starts at 7pm on a Thursday etc etc) and so on – so we loved this blog by UK rider Tanya Griffiths on the idea of “use it or lose it”, and some solutions for these races that would make things better for everyone.

And here’s a blog by Matrix-Vulpine’s Penny Rowson on the good sides of travelling for races, to the London Nocturne – and here’s another blog from a British racer, Sinéad Burke on her first big race, at the Curlew Cup.


Sarah’s been quoted in this Ride magazine article on women’s cycling, the fantastically titled “Doing it for the love and one dick too many” – which is possibly the most Australian headline ever written?

Here’s a Cyclingnews interview with Specialized-lululemon‘s boss Kristy Scrymgeour, talking about how the season’s going, and the state of women’s cycling right now.

More about what women’s cycling is looking like – interview with Matrix-Vulpine DS Stefan Wyman on Womanthology


Ernst & Young are targeting female athletes as they think they’d bring great skills to business – read about their mentoring programme


Why don’t more women cycle in everyday lifeAnalysis from USA bikeshare schemes and more



We always really enjoy Cosmo Catalano’s Week In Bike videos, where he runs through all the news, and always mentions women’s cycling (for example, last week’s WiB talks Emakumeen Bira (and mentions Sarah’s Podium Café post full of videos, which included his previous video…. meta!)).

You can find his Week in Bike videos on his youtube, and everything else he does on his Cyclocosm site.


If you’ve ever wondered about why people love cyclocross, or are already a fan, watch this teaser for Benedict Campbell‘s ‘For the love of mud’, with superstars, Helen Wyman and Katie Compton.


Wiggle Honda relaxing in Switzerland


If you like both cats and cycling, sad news about the death of the original Vanderkitten, Ophelia…  and a profile of the Vos family at the Friends Life Women’s Tour, including Sjekkie Vos


If you want more videos, Sarah has some examples of how on-bike cameras and helmet-cam could be used – we want more!!!


Upcoming races

It’s National Championships weekend!  So much going on, wow, it’ll be huge!


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