Podcast 2014 Episode 24 – Menomena

Podcast logo G’day team! This week is a bit of a catchup as Dan’s been travelling and managed to pick up a cold, possibly even man-flu, while doing so. The good news though, is that there is HEAPS to talk about! We discuss Basque racing, including the Durango and Bira kinds along with the North Star Grand Prix in the US, there’s a huge amount of blogs and videos to catch up on, we’ve got mountainbike action in downhill, cross-country and 4cross formats. We also talk about some great and especially honest interviews we’ve found during the last week or so and we take a moment to argue about whether or not we’ll feature the Giro Rosa theme song on next week’s podcast! And don’t forget the huge range of links to various things we have further down the page. Enjoy! ( 1:13:02 MIN /70.11 MB )

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This week’s racing dancing:

Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria


Emakumeen Bira

Lots of videos – Stage 1 highlights and finish-line, and from Lointek’s point of view; Stage 2 finish-line and highlights; Stage 3 highlights; Stage 4 from the Bizkaia-Durango team car, and highlights:

and Cyclocosm’s Week In Bike, including talking about the mainstream media coverage of the race

But this really summed up Bira, and it was only Stage 2!


GP Gatineau


North Star Grand Prix Videos from the Stage 1 ITT, Stage 2 Crit, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5 and Stage 6:

and on-bike footage from Alison Powers’ bike, as she lead out Coryn Rivera to win the Stage 5 Crit:

Don’t forget to read Clara Beard’s great interview with Alison for Bicycling here.


BMX Supercross World Cup, Berlin

Videos of Caroline Buchanan‘s winning run in the time-trial and post-run interview, the women’s Supercross semi-finals and the finals:

Three helmetcam videos – from Brooke Crain (including her crash), Felicia Stancil (with great jumping shadows) and former World Champ Mariana Pajon (including the moment Caroline Buchanan passed her, and celebrated her win:


Cross-Country MTB European Championships

Drama between Pauline Ferrand-Prévot and Jolanda Neff – great photo and google translate

Downhill MTB World Cups

Fort William videos, highlights and general awesomeness is all rounded up neatly in this post.

Leogang info is curated, collated and collaborated into this post.

Four Cross World Championships

Photo-essay on Pinkbike



Our dear friend Swordpanda heeded our call for help with Sarah’s geographical embarrassment last time around. Here’s the results:

We’re so pleased that the UCI has announced there will be Para-Cycling Track World Championships for 2015 and 2016!

Dutch video interview with tandem pair Kim van Dijk and Larissa Klaassen, on preparing for the Rio Paralympics


Chloe Hosking’s great list of women in the peloton who blog

One of these is Ashleigh Moolman – in case you missed it, check out Sarah’s great interview with her here.

Annemiek van Vleuten previewed World Champs ITT course

Congratulations Marta Bastianelli on the birth of her daughter

Emilia Fahlin interview on needing to find the joy again – and a video where she walks us though her bike set-up


Q&A with Tiffany Cromwell and Chantal Blaak on their new life with Specialized-lululemon


Q&A with British track star Jo Rowsell

British Cycling’s youth forum

Matrix-Vulpine’s season update

Speaking of Helen Wyman, the 2014 Milton Keynes Cyclocross World Cup tickets are on sale!  It’s on 29th November, very easy to get to from the Netherlands/Belgium

More things to see in the UK – if you click through, this BBC article has a little video about Cycling World Champ Beryl Burton (may be geo-restricted to UK, but you can use hola), and there’s info about the play, Beryl, written by Maxine Peake, that’s from 30th June to 19th July at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds – here’s the link for info, booking & associated events

And if you want to see Half the Road in the UK, it’s on at the Bristol Festival of Cycling on 8th July, with a special introduction by triathlon star Chrissie Wellington.  And you can have a beer/coffee with Sarah afterwards!  Here’s where you can buy tickets


A day with downhill MTB star Manon Carpenter

More MTB – Katrina Strand and Miranda Miller ride MTB in Moab Utah – read more about their trip on Pinkbike

Mara Abbott’s blog where she discusses her love of climbing and how it’s the most pure form of cycling. We’re curious to know your thoughts on it.

Evie Stevens talks about her upcoming “Mini Tour de France”

Coming next….

National Championships

Giro Rosa – get in the mood with the 2014 themesong!


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