Podcast 2014 Episode 20 – Comedy Beards and Power Rants

Podcast logoHi everyone, it’s America week on the podcast, which means we basically open like we’re going to talk about US Nationals then get sidetracked for 45 minutes and  so on. In the meantime we do talk about some very exciting firsts, like the first woman to win a road and mountainbike world cup in the same season and the first woman to concurrently hold criterium, time trial and road national championships. We also argue about beards and Sarah goes on a power rant about races that don’t have websites or results or information or anything and what she thinks the UCI needs to do in order to help improve the situation (Dan scores the rant 3.75 bullhorns out of 5). Also there’s some innuendo and swearing just to make sure all your podcasting boxes are ticked. Don’t forget to check all the links below and for the brave among you, we’ve included a poll on beards so vote early and often for the most comedic beard of the podcast. (1:05:34 MIN / 62.95 MB)

To stream the beardiest podcast on women’s cycling in the world, click here.



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This week’s (invisible) UCI racing

This week’s non-UCI racing

The 2014 USA National Championships

  • Powers donated her prize of a year’s loan of a VW GTI to her team-mate Jackie Crowell, who isn’t racing this year due to treatment for brain tumours.  Here’s Crowell talking about her cancer, earlier in the year


The Milk Race

Crit racing in Nottingham!

and Wiggle Honda video:



2014 Nové Město MTB World Cup




We loved Chloe Hosking’s blog on training in Italy with Elisa Longo Borghini – yeah, yeah, we always say we love Chloe’s blogs, but they’re always great!

Video from the first round of the iXS European Downhill Cup, in Maribor

Ina-Yoko Teutenberg is on the road as part of Clara’s Big Ride


Upcoming Races


2 thoughts on “Podcast 2014 Episode 20 – Comedy Beards and Power Rants

  1. I voted for the most artistic beard.. 😉

    Stuff you probably already know about, but check it out:
    New Rabo video in English about TTT training in Steenburgen –

    Also, Saturday at the Vos race in Aalburg, Rabo is having a “fire sale” of last year’s team stuff (including two of Marianne’s ‘backup’ bike-frames). 😛

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