How to follow the Friends Life Women’s Tour (of Britain!) – TV & live

If you’ve been following our women’s cycling podcast or my twitter, you’ll know that I am very excited about the Friends Life Women’s Tour, which happens this week, 7th-11th May.  This is the first British UCI women’s race since the GP of Wales World Cup in 2009 – and the 2012 London Olympic Games showed us how exhilarating women’s racing can be on British soil!

And I’m also personally invested in this one, because I’ll be working at the race too – it’s very exciting, time for me to put my money where my mouth is.  All the times I’ve complained about other races – it’s kind of scary, and I am very much hoping I’ll be able to be a success.  So if you follow the in-race twitter and ticker, that’ll be me – please do feel free to send suggestions and criticisms my way….

UPDATE!   I was excited anyway, but check out Chloe Hosking’s great blog about the buzz in the local communities – that’s superb, and makes me SO proud to be a part of this.  Marianne Vos talks about the race in this BBC video (if it’s restricted for you, there’s a transcript too). Here’s an interview with Lizzie Armitstead that includes what it means to her – and another article in the Guardian about the race.  And an article on Aussie sports site The Roar on the implications of this race….

Anyway!  Here’s the race trailer – and how to follow the race below – both the daily tv highlights and as it unfolds in real time.

On tv

There’ll be an hour of tv every night on ITV4 on the tv and online (hit “watch live”) at 9pm (22:00 CEST; 4pm USA EST; 1pm USA PST; 6am Australia AET) and an hour later on ITV4+1.  This is most likely geo-restricted to the UK, but you might be able to watch it through Filmon – search for ITV4/+1 and see if it works for you – or if not, there might be streams hereUPDATE!  There should definitely be streams here – paste them into your browse – or if you use hola, you might be able to watch the online stream.

If you miss it, it will be repeated around 8am BST the next day (09:00 CEST, 5pm Aus AET; 3am USA EST & midnight USA PST)  and around 9:55am on Sunday 11th May – there are the full details and information on the race tv page – and more will be added, including on different countries’ Eurosports (Australia!!) and maybe other tv stations too.

If you miss it, or have forgotten to record it, the programmes should show up for a month or so on the ITV Player (try looking here – and again, Hola might help).

There will also be daily highlights on British Eurosport & BS2, at 10pm each day (check the schedule on the day for the channel – that’s the British site, but if you have a different Eurosport (especially Australia!), check your schedules too) – and it will be featured on the BBC too, check out their cycling page once the race is underway.


Following the race live

I’ll be running the race twitter and the live coverage page (or ticker), which will have all the live updates so if it’s rubbish, it’s all my fault!  There’ll also be a whole heap of coverage – hopefully everyone will be using the official twitter hashtag #WT2014, to help you follow it – and of course, my live twitter list will have everyone I can find who’s updating the action as it happens.

I’m also putting another twitter list together of riders, teams, journalists and people who’ll be at the race, so you can follow them while they’re there.

The race will also be adding information across the Sweetspot social media platforms – youtube, facebook, instagram, flickr, even pinterest!  There’ll be a race thread on Podium Café (go in through the women’s portal) where people will be updating things they see, and talking through the race.  They’re super-friendly over there, so do join in there – and Neutral Service will be having live updates on their website too.


More race information

The race website has a ton of information – including the provisional startlist and the race manual.

My interviews with Emma Pooley and Lucy Garner include what they think about the race – have a listen.

UPDATE!  I always love the ORICA-AIS race previews, and here’s their Women’s Tour preview, from Martin Barras, with, in typical Marv-style, a little bit of controversy (it’s great!)

AND!  Here’s Marianne Vos‘ video preview!

Jenscer has his preview on Podium Café, and you should definitely read it.  There are race previews on Velofocus and Neutral Service, Velorooms (with a discussion thread), in Spanish on Road and Mud, and on the British Cycling website – and of course, add anything you see to the comments, and I’ll update here too.  Follow me on @_pigeons_ and especially let me know anything you’d like to see.  I can’t promise I’ll manage it, but I’ll do my best – and as always, I’ll put up videos here after the race is over.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I will….

Oh, and if you see the teams and want to buy cycling kit, t-shirts, caps and more to support them, here are my guides to shopping with the women’s peloton:


11 thoughts on “How to follow the Friends Life Women’s Tour (of Britain!) – TV & live

  1. If our Australian SBS were as legitimate about women’s cycling as they claim they are (they say it at worlds every year but never show a race) this would be live not an hour of highlights on some backwater pay-television with less than 10% access.

    I hope like buggery this takes off like it should. It sounds like the poms have really embraced this before it has even started!!!

  2. The information here is so much better than that on the official website, which is badly designed, and where none of the links seem to be working!

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