Shirt Week – how to look like the peloton part 3 – UK style

So far in Shirt Week, I’ve shown you how to buy team kit and stuff from the pro teams in Europe and in the USA, so now it’s time to look closer to home, and at the UK peloton.  And there’s something to celebrate here!  In just a few weeks, the pro peloton will be right here for the Women’s Tour (of Britain) – now the Friends Life Women’s Tour, as the insurance company has come on board as the race’s title sponsor.  And if you want to support the race, you can buy race jerseys and t-shirts from the ProVision Women’s Tour store.  This has a ton of things to buy for women & men, including the replica leader’s jersey (delivered after the race!), mountains jersey and Leukaemia & Lymphona Research Best Yougn Rider jersey (they’re the official charity partner of the Tour).  If jerseys aren’t your thing, there are loads of t-shirts, from patriotic to the race logo to just bikey – have a look!  And if you want to know more about how this race happened, read this VeloUK interview with race organiser Guy Elliott


There’ll be one UK domestic team in the race – the fantastic, marvellous lovely Matrix-Vulpine.   I love them for their racing, but also their support for the wider British women’s cycling community – especially through their twitter and the Neutral Service section of their website.

They’re sponsored by trendy cycling brand Vulpine, so of course their kit has a lovely design!  You can buy women’s & men’s jersey, bib shorts, gilet, arm- and leg-warmers in the Milltag team shop (UPDATE!  there’s a sale on in October/November 2014!)  I asked on twitter for reviews of this – here’s what team fans have to say:

(Vulpine have a 25% discount offer on their women’s clothing until 30th April – use the code TheNewCycling at the online checkout – just be aware they have a limited size range…)

So what about the rest of the UK peloton?  These are some more jerseys you can buy, and if I miss any out, please do let me know!


Epic Cycles-Scott Contessa

I really enjoy this team – last year they were a development squad, this year they’ve taken a step up, and they’re already racing hard.  The best place to buy their team kit is on on the Epic Cycles team shop, where you can buy the jersey and bib shorts in women’s and men’s fit.  Follow the team on twitter, too!


Shutt Squadra Donne

Another purple-based jersey – you can buy a women’s-cut 2014 jersey, the long-sleeved 2013 jersey, and bib-shorts are coming soon – keep an eye on the team store.  Follow them on twitter, and Alice Cobb, who sent me the link!



WyndyMilla – Reynolds

Going for an aggressively pink approach, which you’ll either adore, or back away slowly from, is the WyndyMilla kit. The team is 6-strong, all aged 18-23 – and given that Wyndymilla is a bike and online shop, there is TONS of gear you can buy from them!  The pink club team kit is what the riders are wearing on the road, but you can also buy a ton of other things for women and men – including their t-shirts, jerseys, accessories – and of course, bikes and equipment, including last year’s MG-Maxifuel bikes – want to own the very bike Hannah Barnes won all those races on?  Just click through to the site to look around – and you can follow the team on twitter, of course.


Bike Pure Racing Team

The Bike Pure racing team is a development squad for women, supported by the Bike Pure movement for clean cycling. The Bike Pure shop sells a ton of goodies promoting the wider mission – t-shirts, blue wristbands, and of course, the team cycling kit – jerseys, bib-shorts, caps, socks etc.  It looks like the clothing is only available in a men’s cut, so the shorts chammy won’t work for women – but they’ve got a great size chart for the jersey, so have a look.  Follow the team on twitter.


Peal Izumi-Boot Out Breast Cancer

The team is the home of superstar Sarah Storey, and their rider Nicola Juniper won the first round of the National Road Series, the Tour of the Reservoir.  I can’t find the jersey for sale anywhere, but you can buy their branded compression armsleeves and leg…  thingies?  Yeah, my technical knowledge is terrible, but if you go to their Compressport team shop, they’ll tell you all about them!  Here’s the team facebook


As always, please do tell me anything I’ve missed, in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll add them in

Other British teams you might want to follow – MuleBar Girl-Sigma Sport are always a lot of fun – follow them on their blog, facebook and twitter; Les Filles RT are a London-Based team, and their site has rider race reports – follow them on twitter too;   PH-MAS have a junior men’s team and this year have started a women’s team – website and twitter; Starley-Primal have a women’s and men’s team – their twitter; Fusion Racing Team’s facebook;


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