Podcast 2014 – Episode 12 – We Name a Baby!

Podcast logoIt’s been a HUGE week of racing and we try our best to get through all the details in a timely fashion. It’s quite the mission as we cover road racing, para-cycling and mountain biking in the Netherlands, Mexico and South Africa. Plus lots more! Seriously, we’ve got videos, blogs, articles and UCI issues to talk about!!! It’s a huge podcast but it’s so fucking good! Also, Dan has an opportunity to fulfil a long-held ambition and name a baby. To find out more about this baby naming business and how you can help, listen below. ALSO – there was literally not enough time to talk about everything this week, so make sure to check all the links and videos below as well! (1:26:58 MIN / 83.49 MB)

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This week’s women’s cycling news, links, videos and stuff

This video is gorgeous – Anka and Sven Martin riding at La Thuile, where the 3rd round of the Enduro MTB World Series is being held.  They’re such a great couple, and damn, we want to go there!


The Energiewacht Tour

Sarah’s got a race report, with links to stage videos, photos, blogs etc, on Podium Café.  Huge thanks to the EWT team who gave us superb ways to follow the race – if you loved it to, please thank them on twitter or on facebook!


Para-cycling Track World Championships

This is pretty depressing – here’s all the  UCI’s video coverage we’ve seen of the race.

Sarah’s got strong feelings about this – read her post (it’s also got links to all the coverage we’ve found so far)


MTB World Cup #1 – Pietermaritzburg

All the videos and photos Sarah’s found (and she’s still enraptured by downhill!)


Sea Otter Classic

Lots of coverage on the race website


UK races


Interviews and blogs

Tiffany Cromwell on Cycling Weekly, with this great quote

I like going on adventures and exploring. I hate doing the same training rides over and over again. I’ll find roads and think, “I wonder where that goes,” and end up in some dead end or on a dirt road or goat track

Aussie rider Tessa Fabry

Video interview with Irish cyclist Caroline Ryan


There’s always more!

Want to name a baby?  Send knittykat your cycling related boys’ names!


If you’d like to look like the peloton, and support them by buying team kit, clothes and stuff, here’s Sarah’s guide to where to buy women’s team goodies from the European peloton and from the USA peloton.   Up next will be the UK peloton, so check back later.

One of the things she’ll be mentioning is that you can buy kit, t-shirts and clothing to support the Friends Life Women’s Tour.  “What’s the Friends Life Women’s Tour?” you might ask?  It’s the new name for the women’s Tour of Britain, because they have a new title sponsor!  Read all about it here – and if you want to know more about the Tour, read the Neutral Service guide to the race, and this interview with Sweetspot’s Guy Elliott on VeloUK


Wiggle Honda‘s video from the GP de Dottignies – Giorgia Bronzini‘s first win of 2014!

and this is a great way to promote a sponsor’s products – their Adidas Boost comp video


Caroline Buchanan‘s really interesting video on not just winning races, but also presenting a professional package as an athelete


Dan nominates this as photo of the week


Upcoming races



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