Shirt week – how to look like the peloton part 2 – USA teams

On Friday it’s the first of only two UCI women’s bike races in the USA – the Winston-Salem Classic, and we can watch it live!  So in honour of that, and to remind people unfamiliar with USA racing about the jerseys from the USA women’s peloton, here’s part two of my guide to buying cycling kit & stuff from women’s teams.


I think the Colavita team store is one of my favourites, because not only can you buy the team kit in women’s and men’s sizes,  you can also get all the other things Colavita sell – including sweets and coffees.  I’m such a child!


Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies

I’ve got a real soft spot for the Optum kit, especially the back of it.  You can buy their team kit, in women’s and men’s cut in pro and basic specifications, on the Borah store, as well as a team hoody and hat – and the women’s sizing goes up to 4XL, which is great, because not everyone is a small!



This year’s Tibco jersey has added lime green to their navy and white, and it’s for sale in women’s and men’s cuts on their team shop, along with a 2014 calendar


Twenty16 pro cycling

You can buy the kit from Twenty16, including short-sleeved jerseys at three different price points for men and women, lots more kit and accessories, and just for women, a sports bra and sport shirt.  Here’s their webshop, and if you want to support the elite or junior women’s team in another way, you can donate to them on their website.


United Healthcare

The UHC team shop has kit and socks and team cards & posters for sale.  The jerseys and shorts are only available in a men’s cut at the moment, so the chamois might not work for women!  But if you don’t mind that, you too can join the Blue Train!



You might be looking at all those kits and thinking “that’s a lot of blue/black/white”, and if you’re someone who likes colour in their peloton, this is where you look.  Everyone’s got an opinion on VK kits, and they have a ton of fans – and given they’re sponsored by clothing company Vanderkitten, there’s LOADS of things to buy apart from the jerseys!  Their shop divides into lifestyle (t-shirts and such), technical (sportswear, including clothes for cycling, running, dancing and triathlon), a shop for men, with t-shirts and the black team supporters’ jersey, and a special area for the 200 Vanderkitten VIP women.  Women can buy the fan version of the 2014 team jersey, in white and black, and there are still some of the 2013 jerseys in stock – in white, black and Canadian!  Tons to look at over there – so if you’re a fan, or know one, you can keep buying things all year round!


 Remember, if you want more, you can check out Part 1 of this post, the Euro peloton kits – and come back soon for more, including UK kits to celebrate the Women’s Tour.  And as always, if there’s anything I’ve forgotten, let me know in the comments, or on twitter – I always like finding out more!


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