2014 MTB World Cup #1, Pietermaritzburg – watch it live!

If you follow this blog, you know I get VERY excited about MTB, especially the downhill, so I’m ridiculously happy that the MTB World Cup season has started.  The first round, in Pietermaritzburg, runs from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th April, and as always, we can watch live on Red Bull’s streams and enjoy the ton of gorgeous photos, videos and stuff that comes alongside a World Cup.  I’ll tell you all about that in a moment, but first, here’s a trailer…

Follow the competition with the Pietermaritzburg WC twitter and the UCI MTB World Cup twitter, and check out all the great stuff on the Pietermaritzburg website.  I especially love the audio interviews on Soundcloud – like this one with Tracey Hannah, and this with Tracey Moseley.    I always look to Red Bull bike, Dirt and Pink Bike for fun information, photos, news and results, including from the practice days.



Watch the finals live on RedBull tv  – 1:15pm UK BST; 14:15 Europe CEST; 6:15am USA EST & 3:15am USA PST; 8:15pm Aus AET.  Here’s a GoPro helmetcam video of the course


Cross Country

Women’s race, live on RedBull tv – 11:50am UK BST; 12:50 Europe CEST; 6:50am USA EST & 3:50am PST; 8:50pm Aus AET – Trackwalk video with Maja Wloszczowska and Jolanda Neff.

Men’s race live on RedBull tv – 2:50pm UK BST; 15:20 Europe CEST; 9:20am USA EST & 6:20am USA PST; 23:20 Aus AET



2 thoughts on “2014 MTB World Cup #1, Pietermaritzburg – watch it live!

    • Getting ready (as of this post) to start the men’s DH.
      Manon Carpenter wins the women’s DH over Rach Atherton and Jill Kittner. Myriam Nicole 4th, Emmeline Ragot in 5th despite a rear-puncture near the final jump (she probably would’ve won if not for the flat-tire).

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