Follow the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships

This is going to be an incredible competition – the Para-cycling Track World Championships, in Aguascalientes, Mexico – 10th-13th April 2014.  Track is always great racing, and the Aguascalientes velodrome is very fast indeed, and at altitude to boot – and given there are so very few chances for the para-cyclists to race on the track, they always bring it, and hard, with every opportunity they get.

Here’s the UCI’s portal, which includes the schedule, startlists and results – and it looks like there could be live streaming from there UPDATE! although the Ustream window and what looked like it would be a link to live streaming have disappeared from the page now…  and apparently there’ll be video highlights on the UCI youtube at the end of each session – I’ll update with details as soon as I know more.  And here’s the race website.

UPDATE! BBC Sport are there and filming, so there might be some British-focused media coming out – try their cycling or para-sport pages.  And their journalist David McDaid will be tweeting updates from the competition (again, this could be Brit-focused)

UPDATE again!  Thanks Cecilia Mayberry for finding the Aguascalientes Sports Institute facebook, with lots of reports and photos

I’ve made  a twitter list of cyclists racing the Worlds, and I’m updating it all the time – there are some fantastic tweets, photos and media coming out from the riders, so follow them all!  Here’s the Cycling Australia twitter list of their riders too.

British Cycling have their Para Worlds portal, where they’re putting up a ton of information even before the competition has started, including this gallery of photos from the training sessions before the team flew out  They’re also putting up photos on their flickr.  I love their videos, with riders talking about the competition.  Here’s Sarah Storey, talking about what the competition means, and coming back to racing after giving birth to her daughter last year:

Tandem pair Lora Turnham and Corrine Hall talking about their first Worlds together

and another British tandem pair, Sophie Thornhill and Rachel James on their first Worlds


Of course Cycling Australia have a fantastic para-cycling portal, and they’ll have a ton of updates too – and you can follow the Aussie para worlds team on the CA twitter list. UPDATE!  And they have a facebook account for the Para-Cyclones track team too – thanks Thomas!

UPDATE!  And here’s a great tribute to the Aussie para-cycling champions by Russ Mullo

UPDATE!  There’s a facebook page for the German Para-cycling team with some great photo,s and a twitter account too – danke rotkc!

The USA Para-Cycling twitter is also excellent, full of photos; Cycling Canada have a small team, but they’re always good for coverage – follow their Cycling Canada PARA twitter and web portal; the New Zealand Paralympic Team will be tweeting updates and they have a lovely facebook with photos; the Irish Cycling Federation‘s twitter; and I think this is the Dutch Federation‘s portal.

I’ll update with more news sources as I find them – and if you see anything interesting, add it to the comments, or tell me on twitter.   I’ll post after the competition with any videos and photos etc, so please do share them!

More information about Para-cycling on the UCI website


19 thoughts on “Follow the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships

    • It doesn’t like like there’s going to be streaming after all – the Ustream and the section about live broadcast have disappeared from the UCI website. BUT lots of people are saying there’ll be highlights on the UCI youtube after each session…. The BBC are out there filming, but that is only helpful for people in the UK… Hopefully anything that turns up will be publicised by the Feds etc – they’re in my twitter list, so I’ll get up tomorrow with my fingers crossed!

      • Hi Sarah, thanks for all the info. Shame about the live streaming.! I’ve been searching and searching for it… If find out any good news that it has appeared.. It would be much appreciated.! Thank you 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for the information. We have been trying to find out anything we can but your link to David McDaid’s twitter feed has proved invaluable in the absence of any video. Thanks on behalf of Lora’s (Turnham) family.

  2. Great job (with some support) finding all the drips and drabs of coverage, Sarah. Such a shame that the World Championships in para-cycling seem to be an afterthought (much like women’s cycling), and that none of the expected organisations or sites have anything beyond a simply stated result.and a single photo. Appreciate your efforts though! 🙂

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