Videos (& more!) from the 2014 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

Round 3 of the Road World Cup, one of the most exciting, most iconic races out there…. Ronde van Vlaanderen, the Tour of Flanders!

Here’s my report on Podium Café, and for videos, 10 minutes on Sporza (click through and show them we love it when they do this!) and 7 minutes from the UCI:

Video and audio interviews with the winner, Ellen van Dijk, on NOS Sport.

UPDATE!  Another great video from NOS – following Annemiek van Vleuten and Rabobank through the race

Really excellent race reports – you have to read them all!  Chloe Hosking, on domestiquing in Flanders (she is such a great writer, and tells stories so well); Emma Johansson, on regrets and racing hard; and Gracie Elvin on doing her job for the team.

UPDATE!  Team video from Wiggle Honda

More responses – Rabobank-Liv videos, starting with Annemiek van Vleuten:

Translation, by PeterVdV:

Proud of the team but we where the only one that tried to force a break and we had to as we didn’t have someone who stands out right now. We tried and attacked but it didn’t last and when everything was still together (Except for Ellen) at the Oude Kwaremont I felt my legs and realized I am good but not in perfect shape right now. She wanted to peak here but recovery takes 6-7 months before she gets back to her former shape so the rest was just to good right now. It’s important now to race to improve my shape, she is hoping on a windy Energiewacht tour so she can fight the wind and get stronger. She needed to make a switch this season and ride in a supporting role for Anna and Pauline but since they are stronger now she accepts it but hopes it will turn around when she gets better or be at the same foot.

and Roxane Knetemann

Had a good day, I attacked at Haaghoek cobbles right before the Leberg. We quickly gained 30s but Gillow wasn’t allowed to ride anymore so I decided to stop the effort as Gillow is stronger on the climbs and you don’t take her in your wheel when the teams want to win. But I think I did my share of work.
Bit dissapointed that the rest of the peloton didn’t want to make it a real race. Maybe they where scared of the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg. And when we passed I thought oh yeah this pretty heavy (said with the air “but still others should have attacked more”) We wanted to attack as we had to but also because the race get TV time and we want to present we can make a attractive race as well. But we wanted to win and come 2nd or 4th. The 3 jerseys are great and the team is good but we didn’t get close to the win. In the Energiewacht tour we need to change things and get win because we are good enough and all riders are good but not enough.

and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, in English

And the Rabo soigneur during the race

And some great photos – from Wei Yuet Wong, on his flickr, in the ORICA race report, and on the Boels-Dolmans facebook.

Full results on the race website

I’ll add more in as I find it!

Finally, a bit of a plug – if you, like me, loved watching Ellen win, then you can find out a lot more about her, in my interview from last week, where she told me what she thinks of Flanders.  Read it, or listen to it.

UPDATE!  Here’s a video from the USA national team, doing a race recon




8 thoughts on “Videos (& more!) from the 2014 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

  1. Great race it was (just returned from the Georgia mountains and a family-wedding, so I missed it all)… great win for Ellen! My VDS-team still struggles along… 😛

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