Watch the 2014 Absa Cape Epic live!

Epic?  You’d better believe it’s epic!  The Absa Cape Epic is an 8-stage marathon MTB races for teams of two riders, with competitions for women, men and mixed teams.  It takes place in the extraordinary landscapes of South Africa, and it’s this stunning, brutal race that takes my breath away every year.  We’ve had the prologue and Stage 1 already – it runs until 30th March.   And this year they have equal prize money for women!  Here’s the preview of the women’s race

Every day there’s live streaming of each stage on the race website (fixed point cameras and commentary of the whole race), and on livestream, where they have lots of highlights from previous days you can watch again, if you don’t get up early enough to watch live.  And there’s a ticker (select which group of riders you want to track underneath the map), photos on their facebook, lots of videos on their youtube and of course a race twitter.  If you’re in South Africa, or can see the channel, there are daily highlights on SuperSport.

I love this race, anyone who finishes is a tough, tough rider – watch and find out who’ll win.


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