Podcast 2014 Episode 5 – What’s the Capital of Delaware?

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-Show Hi everybody! This week Sarah and I recap the highlights and tragedies of the Omloop. We also ambitiously try to (kinda) follow Le Samyn semi-live while we record. We talk about the Track World Championships, including stellar performances from Kelly Druyts, Amy Cure, Sarah Hammer and more. We talk about Richmond worlds and a whole bunch of awards of the film type and other types as well! We get into a weird conversation about US state capitals and Sarah baselessly accuses Dan of lying, so of course Dan responds by accusing Sarah of lying about lying. See if you can spot who is telling the truth. Oh, and for those wondering, the Capital of Delaware is Dover, although Dan claims partial credit because there is actually a Wilmington in Delaware.(1:12:32 MIN / 69.64 MB)

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Things we talked about included…

The 2014 Omloop het Nieuwsblad

Some videos from the women’s Omloop:  two and half minutes each from Belgian news channel AVS which includes Lizzie Armitstead talking in English and Emma Johansson in Dutch – and from Focus WTV – and a minute on Sporza.  All of them feature interviews with Amy Pieters.  Please click through to show them all we love women’s racing!

and here’s a video featuring small team Isorex ladies, including Basque rider Irene San Sebastian, who came 11th.

Sarah wrote a bit of a race report, which also include videos of the Vuelta a Costa Rica, on Podium Café.  And you can see all the photos and things she liked from OhN, on her women’s cycling tumblr.

One of the casualties of the many crashes was Liv-Shimano‘s Marijn de Vries, who broke her collarbone.  Her blog about the crash really moved us, you should definitely read it (Is it terrible we always like x-ray photos?)

Someone with a completely different experience of the race was brand-new Hitec rider, Ashleigh Moolman, whose tweet made us smile

And we really liked Anika Todd’s blog, on her first ever Spring Classic, including

As I laid there in the mud stuck in my bike, all I could think was that I must be insane to be doing this out of my own free will. Why was I scraped, bruised and bleeding in a Belgian ditch? Seriously!?! The team car pulled up just as I had managed to disconnect myself from my bike. Our mehanic was running towards me to fix my bike but all I could think was that I wanted to quit this race and get in the car. He looked at me and told me to HTFU. I knew he was right and I knew that I would regret quitting and so there I was, on my bike chasing the peloton for the third time that day.

This happened after we last podcasted – Sarah interviewed Specialized-lululemon‘s new Classics star Tiffany Cromwell, and in part 1, she previewed OhN, talked about descending with Vos and racing Qatar with the team – then, in part 2, she told us what it was like at the team camp, which races she’d most like to win, and what she’s been up to off the bike.  Read them both!


Le Samyn

It was eventually won by Emma Johansson – here’s a podium photo, with Ash Moolman demonstrating the cobble-love in second, and Sofie de Vuyst third.  We’ll put links to videos etc in a post after the weekend, along with Tielt-Winge


2014 Track World Championships

Sarah’s collected all the videos and photos she’s found in two posts – Days 1 & 2, the team sprint, team pursuit and scratch race, and Days 3-5, with the points, sprint, omnium and keirin.

Here’s Dan’s very favourite moment

Riders of the competition had to be the German sprint due, Miriam Welte and Kristina Vogel.  Here’s what they came away with!


The Women’s Tour [of Britain]

We’ve had a load of great publicity about the first UCI-ranked British women’s race in ages – with announcements of some of the teams that will be racing – including a British National Team for the first time in eons, and British domestic team Matrix-Vulpine.  We’ve also had some announcements of the route, a video of the launch with Matrix’s Harriet Owen, and this video, where British rider Hannah Barnes talks about what to expect from the race, life with new USA women’s team United Healthcare and much more.


Half the Road

We were really happy to see that Kathryn Bertine‘s women’s cycling film won the audience prize in the Richmond International Film Festival

If you want to watch the film, keep an eye on the showing page – and if you want it to come to somewhere near you, here’s how that can happen!  It’s next going to be shown in the USA, with a Q&A from Kathryn on 10th March, at the Loft Cinema in Tucson Arizona, and in the UK at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival on 6th April – if you’re nearby, do go and see it.



We really liked these two blogs on the implications of equal prize money at Koppenbergcross – from Festinagirl on 100 Tours 100 Tales, and from Swordpanda.

One rider who fought a long time for equality is multiple road, track and CX star, Hanka Kupfernagel.  She’s such a star, Sarah’s in awe!  Here’s a recent interview with her, from CX Magazine – and we’re really interested in what she’s suing RusVelo for.



This usually never happens!  Most times the only women they feature is the Assos girl!

and more!


Wondering what Emma Pooley‘s been up to?   Here’s an interview in Cycling Weekly


We are always in awe of people who work to get more women riding and racing, and are big fans of Heather Bamforth, who’s working marvels in England with Cycling Development North West, doing everything from running skills sessions for women who have never raced before, encouraging races for women at the lower Cat levels, getting men’s race to put on races for women too, and much more.  Here’s a quick interview with her, on the Matrix-Vulpine Neutral Service section.

Another interview we liked was by Velofocus, talking to Kacey Manderfield Lloyd, the women’s director of the Red Hook Crits, which race in the USA and Europe, including in Brooklyn, Barcelona and Milan.


Boels-Dolmans have their team launch video up

and we liked this Specialized BikeFit video, with Ellen van Dijk and Lizzie Armitstead (in Dutch and English, with subtitles to both)


This Total Women’s Cycling feature on the Velocio.cc clothing, the new venture from Specialized-lululemon’s boss, Kristy Scrymgeour, includes a profile of her journey through cycling.


Blog by Hitec rider Julie Leth, on balancing track and road, on Cyclingnews


If you’re interested in the social media power of women’s cycling, have a quick look at this VeloFacts list of the most-followed twitter accounts.


Want to help out an Australian team?  Kimberley Wells tells us how to support Specialized-Securitor:


More Australians!  BMX and Four-Cross Superstar Caroline Buchanan is adorable with adorable kids!


The Richmond 2015 Road World Championships have been really busy, launching the course announcements.  To day dream about cobbles in the USA, head over to their site – and to see more course detail, they have videos on their youtube – featuring Tibco rider Andrea Dvorak and ideas about what to do when you’re not watching the races:  The Team Time Trial course; the ITT circuit, and the Road Race lap.  So exciting!


Dan here, Sarah gets a bit self-conscious about this sort of thing, but as her co-host I couldn’t be more proud of her for the her nomination for some recent awards (one of which she’s already won). Women’s Cycling is definitely growing and Sarah’s totally right in pointing out that the other nominees are doing great work too and are well worth a look, follow and read. That said, I’m super proud of her and am so appreciative of all the work she does to follow, support and grow the sport. Congrats Sarah!

Here are the details on the awards and nominees…

Cycling Victoria’s Women’s day awards

Sarah’s nominate for Excellence in Covering Women’s Cycling – the other nominees should all be checked out too, they all do really different things, in different ways and fora, but are well worth following

Total Women’s Cycling awards

Sarah won the blogger of the year category – and the other finalists are also excellent, and doing really different things – click through and have a look at them!


If our podcast isn’t enough for you, here’s Mike Creed’s Open Mic, with American sprinter Lauren Hall.


Upcoming races

Lotto Cycling Cup

Les Samyn des Dames, Wednesday 5th March – previews from broerie on Podium Café, and Velofocus.  It’ll be over by the time we talk about it!

Omloop van het Hageland, aka Tielt-Winge, 9th March. Velofocus’ preview.

The El Salvador mini-season

Grand Prix San Bernard, 6th March – Velofocus preview

Grand Prix San Miguel, 7th March – Velofocus preview

Grand Prix El Salvador, 8th March – Velofocus preview

Vuelta Ciclista Femenina El Salvador, 11th-16th March


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