Videos and links, 2014 Track World Championships – days 3, 4 & 5

Last week I put up a post with the videos and links from Days 1 and 2 at the Track Cycling World Champs, and now here are the final three days, with even more amazing racing – the spectacular Points race, the Omnium, Sprint, Individual Pursuit and Keirin.  There’ll be videos and links to photos and results, so read on…

Individual Pursuit

The first medal from Friday was the Individual Pursuit, and in the bronze, two riders who raced each other through the Juniors – Amy Cure, who rides on the road for Lotto Belisol, and Ganna Solovey (who then had a steroid ban at aged 19).  Guess who I wanted to win?

and then, the gold race – former IP World Champion Sarah Hammer, and Jo Rowsell, who’d already won a Worlds gold as part of the British Team Pursuit squad.

There’s a great audio interview with Rowsell after her win on British Cycling’s SoundCloud – and if you can see the BBC, this clip has a video interview with her talking about the race.

Full results on Tissot.


So many photos!  The Day 3 finals session, on the competition facebook, Cycling Australia has a gallery of photos from Friday Day 3 on their facebook, while British Cycling has one on their flickr, good as always (I especially like this one of Jess Varnish putting on her glasses before the race) and NuestroCiclismo has a big set on flickr.  And the fantastic Wei Yuet Wong got some beautiful Day 3 photos, which you can see on his tumblr and his flickr.

The full video of the Day 3 coverage – with Individual Pursuit and Sprint – is on the UCI website, and if it’s geo-restricted, unlock it with Hola or Tunnelbear set to Sweden or Spain.



The sprint competition ran over two days, with the races to the Quarter-finals, and the race for 5th-8th place happening on the Friday, and the Semis and Finals on Saturday.

There are photos from the early rounds, including the Friday qualification session and the Saturday qualification session on the competition facebook.

BBC video of Jess Varnish and Becky James racing each other in the sprint quarter-final, with James talking about the race after, on the BBC, if you can see it (if not, trying unlocking with Hola)

No other separate videos of the earlier rounds (I recommend watching them on the Day 2 and day 3 full videos!), but here are the races for bronze, between China’s Lin Junhong, and GB’s Jess Varnish, back on the track after a back injury last year.

and here are the gold medal races – relatively new riders Zhong Tianshi of China, and former World Champion and Team Sprint gold medallist Kristina Vogel of Germany – and she’s still only 23!

Here’s the lovely post-race interview from Vogel.  I always love watching her racing and talk, she’s fabulous!

Full results on Tissot



Two of the most exciting races of the event were the men’s and women’s points race, with lots of laps, attacks and brilliant writing.  Watch the full race below, or here’s the edit video:

and here’s a lovely video of Amy Cure after she won – still out of breath from the racing, just totally delighted to have won an elite title, after what was for her at 21, a really long time since she won her four Junior World Champs titles – aw!  She’s adorable!

Here’s an interview with Cure, on the Sydney Morning Herald site.

This photo of Cure being congratulated by the Aussie Team Pursuit team – Nettie Edmondson, Melissa Hoskins and Ashlee Ankudinoff – is lovely.

Full results on Tissot.


Wei Yuet’s wonderful photos from Day 4, in his flickr set and  a collection of the morning session and afternoon session on his tumblr.  Photos of  Day 4 (with lots of Laura Trott in the omnium, and Jess Varnish in the sprint) on British Cycling’s flickr, and more on Cycling Australia’s facebook – and non-apartisan pics of the  Afternoon of Day 4 and Day 4 Evening session on the competition facebook., and another big set on NuestroCiclismo’s flickr.

Here’s the full coverage from Day 4 – again, unlock with Hola or Tunnelbear.



No videos of the early races, but you can see the excellent Elimination race at the end of the Day 4 video, and the Scratch and TT on Day 5 video below.  And here’s the TT clip:

Audio interview with Laura Trott after winning bronze – she comes over as lovely, really level-headed and fun!  Interview with the champion Sarah Hammer (gracefully fielding some rather odd questions at the end, there!)

Full results on Tissot



The middle rounds are in the video below, but here’s the final:

Audio interview with Becky James after coming third, and here’s the interview with the always-lovely and charming Kristina Vogel, after winning a fantastic three gold medals this Worlds, talking in both English and German

Full results on Tissot


Photos of Day 5 on the competition facebook, in two galleries here and here, on NuestroCiclismo’s flickr, on Cycling Australia’s facebook and on British Cycling’s flickr (with some especially partisan captions from the keirin!)  And Wei Yuet’s gorgeous photos on flickr and tumblr.

Here’s the coverage of the final day, from the UCI – with the last 3 rounds of the omnium, and the later keirin rides.  Again, unlock as above if geo-restricted!


Huge thanks to the Cali Track Worlds Team, who put on a great show, and especially for their excellent twitter, @WorldTrackCali, which was so full of fantastic information.  Big thanks too, to the UCI, for all the video – and of course, THANK YOU to all the riders who raced their hearts out for our entertainment!

If you want to see the individual videos of the men’s races, they’re all on the UCI Youtube – here’s their 2014 Track Worlds collection.  And I’m collecting videos of all the cycling World Championships, on my Youtube playlist.


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