Podcast 2014, Episode 3 – We need to talk to each other!?

Podcast logoIt’s official! The season has started! The Ladies Tour of Qatar is now over and so we talk racing, deserts, camels, worlds in 2016 and heaps of interviews and stories we’ve seen around in the last week or so. Dan accidentally makes a very dirty camel joke, which he admits is actually better than the drinking joke that he was actually trying to make. We also talk about mental health, politics and whether it’s possible to write a book of the entire cycling season in the style of The Odyssey. So basically it’s exactly like every other podcast, except with normal levels of swearing restored! Enjoy! (1:07:11 MIN / 64.50 MB)

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Things we talked about included…

The Ladies Tour of Qatar



Jessie Maclean has a great race report on CyclingTips. – and her team-mate Gracie Elvin has great daily blogs (and baklava updates).  Race interviews with Shelley Olds and Valentina Scandolara on Cyclingnews


While she was there, Chloe Hosking spent some time with the Qatar women’s cycling team and you can read about it on her blog, on Cyclingnews and Qatar team member Arafa Ali’s blog.  We also like Chloe talking about what could be expected from the 2016 Qatar Worlds – man-made mountains and air-conditioned tunnels, anyone?  And if you want to know about Qatar from other Hosking perspectives, here’s Chloe’s dad’s blog.


We loved all the usual camel photos from Qatar – and speaking of photos, Tiffany Cromwell taking over the Bicycling instagram for the race.

Me and my buddy 🙂 Just before he took a snack on my ear! #notfriendsanymore pic.twitter.com/mudWMllN2l

— Emma Johansson (@emmaprocyclist) February 5, 2014

What song are we singing? #ladiestourqatar pic.twitter.com/qHmFG7sOvB

— Loes Gunnewijk (@LoesGunnewijk) February 5, 2014

When in Qatar, always pet a camel. (FLTR: @kirsten_wild, camel, me.) pic.twitter.com/vErQ7xrKAj

— Marijn de Vries (@marijnfietst) February 5, 2014



On Saturday it was the Krawatencross in Lille, and Marianne Vos slipped her pedal in the final sprint against Sanne Cant, which you can see on this Sporza clip.  And on Sunday Nikki Harris won the penultimate SuperPrestige round at Hoogstratenwatch the video highlights.

Here’s another video about Vos and CX

Will we see Cyclocross in the Winter Olympics?  Brian Cookson hopes so!  Even if it isn’t, does this hint we might see Vos in the winter games anyway?  (Best segue ever!)


Interviews we liked

We love her anyway, but this week really are in awe of Carmen Small, after reading this interview on Bicycling magazine about how her life’s changed this year – seriously, you have to read it.


We also were really impressed with this interview with Gillian Carleton and Clara Hughes about depression and the Olympics – and Carleton’s piece on facebook about why she won’t be watching the coverage of the Sochi Winter Games.


In the latest edition of Peloton magazine there’s a big interview with Ina-Yoko Teutenberg by Heidi Swift – buy the magazine, or read it online (the first few pages are free)


Clara Beard interviewed Kathryn Bertine on the Matrix-Vulpine Neutral Service site – and Michael Creed podcast interviewed Kathryn too – all about the Half the Road film, and La Course by Le Tour de France.  Mike Creed has been interviewing other women riders on his Open Mic podcasts, so there’s a lot there worth listening to – and Clara’s started a podcast too, which features a lot of women’s cycling – Broken Spokes.  Check them all out!



We’re definitely going cycling in Flanders, now Emma Johansson has told us to


Make sure you follow Monique Hanley and read her weekly Wednesday wrap-ups on the Cycling Victoria site, for all the news about women’s cycling with a Victorian/Aussie flavour.  Here’s last week’s, full of news, interviews and developments.


We really liked Ash Moolman‘s blog on competitive sushi eating at the Hitec team camp!  Ash won the South African road race and ITT national champs this week – here’s her new team kit

@ashleighcycling in the South African Jersey. Now @Doltcini have to make her a skinsuit too! 😉 pic.twitter.com/0yyvos75IC

— Karl Lima (@Karl_Lima_Hitec) February 6, 2014


Test your women’s cycling knowledge, or just have fun making things up, with the Podium Café Virtual Directeur Sportif game.  It’s free to play, and you can find out more about the women’s and men’s games on this Podium Café post.  You have until the end of February to make a team – can you beat Dan too?


The next races

2014 Track World Championships, 26th February-2nd March in Cali

Omloop het Nieuwsblad, 1st March 2014


8 thoughts on “Podcast 2014, Episode 3 – We need to talk to each other!?

    • My rough-gnomed translation:

      My Olympics adventure with [NOS] Studio SportWinter. After my last cyclocross race in Lille, where I ended my season and my ‘huldiging’ [celebration] Saturday at Café De Vriede in Gooik, I traveled to Sochi at the request of NOS for a short visit to the Olympic Games, and together with Jan Bos I arrived on Sunday in Russia. We decided just to go to the broadcast studio and the Holland House along and the tension was building. The celebration of Golden Irene [Wust, multi-Olympic champion speed-skater] was busy and Putin would soon arrive for a quick visit to the HHH. “Fall in luck with you!” is a phrase used a lot here. An encounter with our own royal couple (top sports enthusiasts) gave the evening an extra special touch. The next day I opened my curtains and the sun shone on Sochi. The location of my stay and the Olympic park areas are constructed completely new to the Games and it feels here even though I am in the Olympic village. Without accreditation you can go nowhere and the Olympic bubble closes you off from the real world. Yesterday, February 10, 2014, will go down in history as a historic day for the Netherlands. “We” not only won the first gold in speed skating at the 500m, but with a clean sweep, we as the entire nation stood on the podium. I was there at the Adler Arena and had the pleasure to see Michel, John and Ronald applauding. Among all other Orange fans Today I’m going to the mountains to see our men run the halfpipe in-progress. That is so beautiful in the Olympics, because you can come in contact with other sports and enjoy that experience up-close. Then it is up to the women’s 500m and we will cheer again for Team NL. Tonight I take place in the evening of the NOS Studio SportWinter, and we’ll discuss my non-successful skating career and cyclocross ( as a future Olympic Sport? ). Besides me there are many great items on the schedule, so watch from 20:30 on Netherlands 1.

    • This was actually an accident in the velodrome during a race, details are sketchy. Ash Moolman tweeted this a couple of days ago.. Thoughts, condolences & prayers to Nell’s family.

  1. Sarah, I’m sure you’re watching this, but a storm is brewing @Superprestige regarding the lack of a women’s series-classification, and Helen Wyman intends to put the screws on them to change that… go Helen!!

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 12m

    Any cycling news sites, bloggers & podcasts that want to receive some news later week, please let me know #cyclocross #equality

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 1h

    Women’s CX is a great sport. Hopefully with the CX commission I can help drive it forward and bring some equality for future champions.

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 1h

    Women’s CX has moved forward a huge amount. Not always apparent when we don’t receive contracts to the races. Put us on show & we’ll perform

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 1h

    Viewing figures from the World Championship show there is an audience for the womens cyclocross. Our sport deserves a chance.

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 1h

    Huge amount of work has been done by Galazo and the BPost series to promote womens CX. THERE IS ROOM for a Superprestige End Classification

    Helen Wyman ‏@CXHelen 2h

    Really disappointing old verbal agreements holding back development of womens cycling. So much work still to be done http://www.veldritkrant.be/nieuws/2014-02

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