How to watch the 2014 Ladies’ Tour of Qatar live

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 14.50.08Here we go – fast and furious sprinting in the desert!  The traditional pro women’s peloton season opener as they put down their markers for the Spring Classics – and it’s streamed live, so we can all follow the race.

The Ladies Tour of Qatar is 4 stages from 4th to 7th February 2014. If you have beIN Sports on your cable package – including in the USA – there’s a stream that seems to start at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday 4th (on Channel 12) – and if you’re in the right countries you might be able to see it on the BeIN stream.  Have a look at the tv schedule for each day for the times (in UK times).

BUT!  If that doesn’t work for you, never fear, the internet is here!

There will be streams and feeds, and people will be sharing them – for example, these guys unearthed the streams for us in the first place, and they’re also on places like this –  and these two streams should carry on working throughout the race.  Every day we’ll have a live thread on Podium Café to talk about the stage, and people will share where they find feeds in the comments, and we’ll put links to any videos etc in the comments there too, as we find them after the stages.  I’ll be tweeting anything I find at  @_pigeons_ as soon as I see it.

We can also follow the race online in other ways.  I’ve got a list for accounts that do live race tweeting, which I’ll update with anyone who’s giving updates, as I usually do – and as always, follow Boels-Dolmans mechanic @RichieSteege for live in-race action.  Throughout the race, Tiffany Cromwell will be posting photos on Bicycling Magazine’s Instagram, and you can follow the peloton on their desert adventures on Twitter.

Qatar is 3 hours ahead of the UK and 2 hours ahead of Europe CET (so 8 hours ahead of USA EST and 8 hours behind Australia AEDT) and you can find all the stage timings and route information on the race website and in the roadbook.   I’ll update with more details if I find them…

I’ve interviewed two riders about the race – 2013 winner Kirsten Wild previewed the race for us on Podium Café, and another star from last year, Gracie Elvin, was on this week’s podcast with Dan and me.  And if you’d like to see other teams’ plans for the race, here are previews from ORICA-AIS, Wiggle Honda and Specialized-lululemon.  I’ll make a round-up of post-race videos and blogs, either as a post or in our next podcast, so check back for more!


4 thoughts on “How to watch the 2014 Ladies’ Tour of Qatar live

  1. Is it in Quatar,….because a guy’s pro cycling race there?? Is there some sort of cache to have there? I’m guessing. Anyway, I desperately believe by having there might increase probability of women bike racers from the Middle East because they probably far less support than even women racers from North America or Europe.

    • It’s the 6th edition of the race and they treat the women really well out there. And yes, it’s helping encourage women’s cycling over there – here’s an article about Chloe Hosking spending some time with the first ever Qatari women’s cycling team

    • and this isn’t the Midddle East, but if anyone’s interested in the growth of women’s cycling outside around the world, have a look at the trailer for a documentary about the women’s national cycling team in Afghanistan:

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