Podcast 2014 Episode 2 – Gracie Elvin

Podcast logo G’day everyone! We greet you in the traditional Australian fashion as this week reigning Australian national road champion Gracie Elvin joins us from Doha, Qatar to tell us about defending her champion’s jersey, all things ORICA, last year’s season and this year’s plans. Gracie talks us through what it was like to defend her national championship, the team expectations, the moment she was dropped from the lead group on the final climb and what it meant to take the win. We also talk about last year’s edition of the Ladies Tour of Qatar and the lessons ORICA-AIS learned there, before taking a glimpse at what’s ahead this week. Gracie also lets on that she’s looking for inspiration for her next series of videos on her YouTube channel this year. This is where we started talking about finger puppets. Also, at one point we suggested staring contests. General hilarity and wisdom (the wisdom was from Gracie) ensues. (45:44 MIN / 43.90 MB)

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Links to what we talked about this week

You can follow Gracie through her season on her twitter, website and youtube, and of course through the race reports on the ORICA-AIS website.  And if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in her videos and blogs this year, please do get in touch.

Gracie came second in last year’s Tour of Qatar Stage 1:

and here are all the other videos from the 2013 race – including the last few kilometres of Stage 2.


Gracie is the 2014 Australian National Road Champion – only the second Australian woman to win two consecutive titles since Olympic Champion Kathy Watt in 1993.


Here’s Jessie Maclean’s photo from Qatar

Results of the first battle: Bed = 1. Gracie = nil. @gracieelvin #headintheclouds pic.twitter.com/fYbZvI15bN

— Jessie MacLean (@aussiejessmac) February 2, 2014


2014 Tour of Qatar

To find out about ORICA-AIS’ goals for the 2014 women’s Tour of Qatar, head to their race preview. There’s an excellent race website, and have a look at the roadbook – and of course, on Velofocus has a great race preview.

If you want another perspective of last year’s race, Sarah interviewed winner Kirsten Wild for Podium Café.

Sarah’s got a guide to watching this year’s race live, so if you want feeds or streams, follow her advice!


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