Shirt week – and the 2014 peloton

One of the most regular search terms that bring hits to our blog are people looking to buy the Specialized-lululemon team kit.  Their 2014 kit isn’t in the team’s online shop yet, but they do have some of the 2012/2013 design left for women at the moment.

However, if you like the styling, and want more, I do have a solution for you –  This company is part-owned by Specialized-lululemon owner/manager Kristy Scrymgeour, and you can definitely see the Spec-lulu influence in some of their clothes, especially around the neck – and they have men’s clothing, but as you might expect, much more women’s, including t-shirts in male and female cuts.  The women’s clothing range from USA XS to XL (UK 8-16, but they have a comprehensive size chart with inches, cm and conversions to standard sizes) and because they’ll start shipping in March, they have a pre-order promo code for 10% off.  Have a look!

(I hope you know by now, none of the Shopping posts benefit me in any way, it’s just stuff I like, and think you might like too!)


If you’ve been wondering what the rest of the 2014 peloton will look like, I’ve pulled together a Podium Café post with the jerseys from all the big teams and two wild cards, with a poll for which like best.  You can talk about why, or what you don’t like, or anything else, in the comments (or just lurk and see what everyone else is saying…).   Voting’s been nice and busy, and if I know you can buy the kit, I’ve put in a link.  Head over and have a look – there have been lots of changes and lots of variety, I can’t wait to watch them race in it all!


One thought on “Shirt week – and the 2014 peloton

  1. The promo code is just right on time what I am looking for. Im looking for this to gear me up with my friends who is planning to have a cycling event very soon. Of course Im a fan of Specialized-lululemon!

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