So much Monday news! Road & CX Champs, new kits, videos & more

I love 2014 so far!  This week we’ve had the first national Road cycling championships of the year, in New Zealand and Australia, a load of National Cyclocross Championships across the world, and other interesting things – and today it’s been the team launches for Rabobank-Liv and Giant-Shimano (the team formerly known as Argos) so there’s a ton of videos, photos and links to share with you.  Read on below, and add anything you’ve seen and liked in the comments.

New Zealand 2014 Road Championships

The first national road race title of the year went to Rushlee Buchanan, in her first race for brand-new women’s team United Healthcare, with Wiggle Honda‘s Linda Villumsen second, and Reta Trotman third


Australian Road Championships

Last week I posted videos from the Aussie ITT and Crit Champs, and on Saturday it was the final race in Ballarat, the road champs.  SUCH a great race!

Here’s the Day 3 Highlights video, with Gracie Elvin winning the elite race, and Emily Roper the u23s.

And I really love this ORICA-AIS Backstage Pass video, all about the women’s race, with Gracie talking about her win.  I also recommend reading the ORICA race report.

Tons of photos, too, on Peloton Café – and some great video interviews by them:

Lauren Kitchen, who had a great Champs, silver in the RR and bronze in the Crit.  Can’t wait to see what she does for Hitec this year.

Katrin Garfoot, who was third

Jenelle Crooks, who added silver in the u23 Road Race to her u23 ITT gold:

UPDATE! Blog by Tiffany Cromwell on her road race

And there’s more Aussie cycling news!  Here’s a video about the riders who’ll be racing in Europe this season with the Jayco AIS National squad – Katrin Garfoot, Chloe McConville, Jessica Mundy and Emily Roper


National Cyclocross Championships

Lots of races!  Let’s do this in alphabetical order…


Here’s the full last lap, from Sporza, with Sanne Cant winning her 5th national title, ahead of Ellen van Loy and Githa Michiels.


Great Britain

Race report, with rider quotes from winner Helen Wyman and second-placed Nikki Harris, and links to photos, on British CyclingUPDATE!  And great photos on flickr from Joolze Dymond, and Helen’s blog about the race.   Apparently there’ll be tv highlights on British Eurosport this weekend – maybe on 21st January?

UPDATE!  More videos



On Saturday, Marianne Vos was riding the Egmond-Pier-Egmond beach race, and winning the women’s race (last week I shared the video of her beach bike, and here are photos on the race facebook), and then on Sunday, she was racing – and winning – the Dutch CX Champs.  Sophie de Boer was second, Sabrina Stultiens third.  Some videos:



This is the best coverage – here’s the entire livestream, thanks to USA Cycling.  It should start at the women’s race (3:23:45) and if you rewind you can see the junior men and all the course previews and so on – and the men’s race follows on after the women.  I have to admit, the American commentary was a bit of a shock, there are some comedy gold moments in there (“she doesn’t like to lose a handshake, let alone a race”) but damn, livestreamed and archived, the USA definitely wins the media prize this year!

Video interview with Katie Compton after she won her 10th national title

and another one with her on Cycling Dirt.  Here’s a gallery of details of the Trek Boone 9 she was riding, on VeloNews – and a race report with photos on Cyclocross Magazine’s site.  Full results and race report on USA Cycling.


Other results – Pauline Ferrand-Prévot beat Lucie Chainel-Lefevre and Caroline Mani to win the French Champs (love this podium photo on PFP’s website), Hanka Kupfernagel won in Germany, which was her 12th German Champs title, and Eva Lechner retained her title in Italy.

New Team Kits

Last week it was ORICA-AIS, today we have two big Dutch teams, with new kits, websites and bikes


The team presentation had the new kit, new website and videos.  Want to see that kit?  Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see the whole team.  I’m especially interested in what they plan to do with the #RaboLiv hashtag to engage fans.

The new kit is referencing their new team motto, ”samen sterker”, Dutch for ”stronger together”  – and the kit includes the Jeugdsportfonds logo, a charity for young people that Marianne Vos is an ambassador for (thanks for the information,  Confused Spider!)



It’s the new name for Argos Shimano, and they’ve launched their new kit, website and social media suite.  Here’s the team intro video from their YouTube:

and there are a whole load of video introductions to their riders on their YouTube.  Here are Lucy Garner, Marijn de Vries and Amy Pieters:

and click through for the videos of Willeke Knol, Floortje Mackay, Sara Mustonen, Maaike Polspoel, Julia Soek and  Kyara Stijns.  There’ll be more soon, too – look out for films featuring Kirsten Wild and Claudia Häusler!


Both Rabo and Giant are using the same bikes, the Liv Envie Advanced.  Here are Annemiek van Vleuten’s and Marijn de Vries’:


Hitec Products

Hitec haven’t had their team launch yet, but they have launched their new website – have a look!  And you can see their 2014 kit in this Peloton Café photo of Lauren Kitchen and Chloe Hosking at the Aussie Champs.



There’s always more!

Bicycle Film

There’s an Indiegogo campaign out at the moment to make the Bicycle Film, a documentary about the bike in the UK.  They’ve got a week left on their fundraiser, and they want to raise about £2,000 more.  Here’s their film pitch:

and here’s a teaser from their film, featuring young British track sprinter Dannielle Khan:


What’s next?

It never stops, and tomorrow the UCI road season starts, with the first ever Tour Feminino de San Luis (14th-18th January).  Read previews on VeloFocus (English) and El Pelotón (Spanish) – and there’ll be a livestream for the race, and a ton of social media – check their twitter and website.  I wrote a preview of the race and how to follow it too, and you can read it on Podium Café.

On the track, the final round of the 2013/14 Track World Cup, in Guadalajara, runs from 17th-19th January, in Guadalajara, Mexico.  If the last two rounds are anything to go by, there’ll be a livestream on the UCI YouTube which will be a mix of live racing and highlights – if I find it, I’ll make a post about it.   All the results will be on Tissot Timing, who should have live results from here on the days – and there’s not much more information on the UCI site.

And there’s bound to be more – share what you’ve seen and liked in the comments!


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