Podcast 2014 Episode 1 – Marijn de Vries!

Podcast logoIt’s our first episode for 2014 and holy shit did we go all-out to start on a high! The ever superb Marijn de Vries stopped by to talk with us, and Sarah and I were so starstruck that we forgot to swear for the entire podcast (Marijn saved that day and taught us some naughty Dutch)! We did remember to talk though. We discussed all sorts of stuff from frozen eyeballs, spring classics, racing and goals for 2014,  to new teams, and MUCH more! It’s a great conversation and Marijn has a lot of keen insights, so get a large sized portion of your favourite beverage, sit back and get ready to enjoy. (1:03:16 MIN / 60.74 MB)

To learn conversational Dutch with Marijn de Vries (and listen to the rest of the podcast too), click here.



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Our Marijn links

If you want to follow Marijn (of course I assume you already are!) her blog in Dutch and in English – and she’s @MarijnFietst on twitter.   And if you want to know more about the book she wrote with Nynke de Jong, it’s called Vrouw & Fietst, and you can buy it from Dutch bookseller Bol.com…. and if you know of any English publishers, tell them we really NEED it in English too!

Marijn will be racing for Argos-Shimano in 2014 (under their soon-to-be-announced new name) – make sure you follow them on twitter and like them on facebook.


Some of Marijn’s specific blog posts we talked about…

…and a couple we didn’t mention but should have


Sarah has interviewed Marijn a few times over the years on Podium Café


Marijn was 8th in the 2013 Ronde van Drenthe World Cup, out in the winning break around the town she grew up in.  Here’s video of the race:


We talked about the Lotto Belisol team dancing at the 2013 Giro Rosa sign-ons, and here’s Velofocus’ video of their dance.  Remember, it’s all Carlee Taylor‘s fault!  (There are more of Velofocus’ sign-on videos on his youtube, and his Giro photos are on his site)


Just because we love it, here’s a video of Marijn riding in 201o, filmed by Rob Hodselmans


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