Things I’ve seen recently – December 30th 2013 edition

Mostly I’ve been watching the mid-winter cyclocross – so many great races and fun things, and I’ve been collecting links to videos, photos and other CX miscellany in this post (I especially love Balínt Hamvas’ race photos) as well as how to watch this week’s races – but these are some other things I’ve liked recently.  If there’s anything you’ve seen that I’ve missed, please please add that to the comments, or let me know on twitter.


Pauline Ferrand-Prévot is joining Maja Włoszczowska and Jolanda Neff on the Giant Pro XC Team for the 2014 cross country MTB season.  Here’s a video about her


The competition to design the jerseys for the 2014 UCI Road World Cup, including for the new series-long categories of Best Young Rider, Sprint and Mountains, was won by pro-cyclist Iris Slappendel.  I’m really happy a rider got to win – here are her winning designs.


More UCI action has been taking place – as part of their commitment to include a woman on every Commission, European CX Champion Helen Wyman has joined the Cyclocross Commission, and is reporting the latest meeting agreed that something should be done on start-times of women’s CX races, so that the women start after the Junior and u23 men (currently in a lot of races, they race super-early, so are hardly visible) and that there should be at least one more UCI women’s category, rather than the current single tier.  These haven’t been agreed yet, and we don’t know if it’ll be Junior and u23 yet (here’s hoping!), but damn, at least it’s evidence change is being talked about!


Chris Rivera is a great supporter of women’s cycling, on twitter, volunteering for the Nature Valley Festival and in so many other ways.  I loved this interview with him on People For Bikes, especially on what women’s cycling fans can do:

How can other fans help?
I do thoroughly understand that achieving these goals is not simply a matter of someone deciding to put more articles or live race coverage on a website, contributing more sponsorship money to an event or team, or telling more people to ride their bikes. There are tremendous opportunities for governing bodies, media, sponsors, and fellow fans to grow the sport and to dismantle the barriers that women at all levels of the sport currently encounter, but changes are unlikely to occur abruptly and still be sustainable. Progress needs to build upon progress. Most importantly, we can help drive that progress by growing our cycling culture and showing sponsors and the media that we support and celebrate women’s cycling.

A personal goal I have for all cycling fans is to realize this: everything that you do to support women’s cycling matters. You can positively influence cycling culture, the media, sponsors, and other decision-makers with even the simplest, seemingly insignificant actions. Just months ago, I was feeling frustrated with the state of women’s cycling especially because I felt that I wasn’t doing enough to support the sport; I didn’t fully appreciate and understand the positive impacts of things that I was already doing or considering to do.

Individually, we cannot do everything, but we can each do something; our collective and cumulative efforts to celebrate and support women’s cycling will make a lasting difference.

I also LOVED his tweet today about using the women’s cycling podcast as training support.  If you decide to try this, let me know how it goes!


A video with Evie Stevens talking about the work of World Bicycle Relief in Africa


Russ Mullo makes great videos (you should also follow him on twitter), and here’s his “Best of” Australian Women’s Cycling in 2013


I loved this video by Kathy Sessler, that she shot in 1971, when she was just 13.  It includes her friends loving BMX racing, and races she organised at that age (so cool!) and a commentary from now explainign how much she loved cycling then.  I saw this on Dirt Magazine – Kathy’s a former road & MTB rider who now manages the Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill MTB team.  This makes me very, VERY happy!  Find out more about Kathy in this interview on Total Women’s Cycling, from November.


Lex Albrecht is a great road rider, but she’s got an ambition to ride in Canada’s super-fast Team Pursuit team at Rio 2016.  She’s got through to a team selection camp, but needs to pay her own way to get there.  Can you help?  Click through to her GoFundMe page., find out more, and maybe even donate something, if you can.


This is in Danish, a short documentary asking why there’s such a difference in economics between Danish women’s and men’s cycling.   There’s more about the film here, or via google translate.


I was super-happy to see there’ll be a Paracycling Track World Championships in April 2014, and there’s more good news – another international competition:


It’s the Dutch National Track Championships at the moment, and there are a ton of videos from the competition, by Libema Profcycling and Manfred van Rhee.


Don’t forget the 2014 Road Season is stating this week!

The Mitchelton Bay Classic (aka the Bay Crits!) starts on 2nd January – here’s my guide, on Podium Café.  And it’s followed by the Australian National Road Championships on the 8th.

Then the Tour Femenino de San Luis kicks off the 2014 UCI road season.  Read Velofocus’ preview of that one, to find out more about this brand-new race!


Thanks Bobby Ray Bass, Shauna, Geert, Jens and anyone I’ve forgotten for sharing these – if you have more recent moments you want to share, add them to the comments, or tell me on twitter.  I tend to post this kind of thing on my women’s cycling tumblr as I see it, so do have a look there for more stuff I like, especially race photos. Here’s hoping for a fantastic 2014 for women’s cycling and, of course, all of you!


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