Podcast 2013 – Episode 40 – Festivus Crossmas

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowIt’s a Festivus miracle! (NOTE: Festivus miracles don’t actually exist). Dan’s been away so this week Sarah catches him up on all the track, paracycling, cyclocross, MTB and other news before Christmas takes over the schedule for the coming week. We talk Vos’ return to racing, Katie Compton in cross and sponsorship news for the road in 2014. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff including a philosophical discussion about whether the UCI deserves credit for doing things it’s supposed to do. Also at one point Sarah laughs uncontrollably for over 30 seconds. Merry Festivus/Crossmas/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hannukah/Whatever/BahHumbug everyone! (51:53 MIN / 49.81 MB)

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All the good news and happiness we talked about


The first ever Australian National women’s Madison Championships was won by Nettie Edmondson and Jessica Mundy.  Here are photos of the race –  and galleries from the National Omnium and Paracycling Championships Day 1 and Day 2.



Here’s how you can watch all the mid-winter CX – including the footage from races that have happened (the entire women’s World Cup races shown in full!)

There’s finally going to be a Cyclocross World Cup in the UK on November 29th 2013!  It’ll be in Milton Keynes.


Mexico saves track cycling!

There’s going to be a Paracycling Track World Championships, in Aguascalientes, Mexico, 10th-13th April 2014!  Yes, it would have been better with more notice, but this is the first UCI track paracycling event since Spring 2012, so it’s good news!

These include some Paralympic tandem sprinting, if you’ve never seen any:

If you want to see Sarah’s photos of the Newport International Paracycling Cup, her blog about the day is here, and her photo set is on flickr.

Aguascalientes Track World Cup, December 2013

Video highlights and some live racing from the last session:

All the results on Tissot

And, for Dan, in honour of Rebecca Wiasak‘s Individual Pursuit win….


Downhill MTB videos!


Road Cycling News!

Specialized will be providing the bikes for Boels-Dolmans for the next three years (don’t worry, they’ll still be sponsoring Specialized-lululemon)

The Italian Cycling Federation has announced no sanctions for the riders who protested at the Giro Toscana (here’s the storystream with all the Giro Toscana stories on Podium Café)


Upcoming road races!

Mitchelton Bay Classics, Australia, 2nd-5th January 2014.  Recap of last year’s race:

Australian National Road Championships, 8th-12th January 2014.

Tour Femenino de San Luis, Argentina, 14th-18th January 2014


9 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 – Episode 40 – Festivus Crossmas

  1. Great episode, like always! 🙂 On Marianne’s CX schedule, Anton has just updated her racing calendar, she’s doing more than just the world cups:


    And on Dan’s question about her mountainbiking next season, she said she will do less mountainbike racing next season, instead she wants to get someone to work with her on her technical descents. Less racing, more technical training.

    Vos winning in America, Katie in the Netherlands? Never say never, but she will have to do a hell of a race to do so. Marianne has a pretty good track record for worlds at home, in Hoogerheide she’s going for her 5th (!) rainbow jersey on home soil. After CX Zeddam ’06, CX Hoogerheide ’09, Track (scratch) Apeldoorn ’11 and Road Valkenburg ’12.

    • Thanks so much! On the Vos calendar, that’s good to see – and more like what I expected, too. And yeah, I wouldn’t bet against Vos winning at home… she really, really loves it, doesn’t she? 🙂

      So interesting, by the way, to think of Vos, of all people, having descending training! But it’s a completely different discipline to road, so it makes sense – and it’s damn good for the sport to see that the best descender on the road can’t just cross over that easily – makes me happy that she’s so open about things like that.

      • And given the three races this past week, the Vos-Compton rivalry is proving itself to be pretty epic this year! KFN must’ve definitely smarted after Louisville and is even stronger this season. Hoogerheide will be a grudge-match! 🙂

    • DH videos are always good, but I especially like those two. Here’s to Tracey’s run of bad luck being well and truly in the past! Next season should be a lot of fun (I really want Manon Carpenter to win a World Cup!)

    • I saw that yesterday – thanks! I was really happy to see that a cyclist won the competition

      (Must do a news round-up over there at some stage – and an Aussie preview, since it’s a huge week-and-a-half in road racing there, from NYD onwards)

      Hey, happy Xmas!

  2. Slightly off-topic, but of interest: around the time she returned from her Dutch Nat’l road-team training-cap in South Africa, Marianne was interviewed by a local (Dutch) religion-oriented magazine Visie (tr.: “Vision”) (which includes a rather glamorous photo-shot). Interesting article where Vos goes into a little more detail about her religious beliefs & how that helped her through her more difficult period pre-London Olympics: http://www.eo.nl/magazines/visie/artikel-detail/ik-vond-mezelf-lelijk/

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