How to follow the Aguascalientes Track World Cup live!

This week the second round of the 2013/14 Track World Cup is taking place in Aguascalientes in Mexico, and I’m here to tell you how you can follow it live!

OK, ok, we can’t watch it all live, but we can certainly follow the action.  The event runs from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th December, and the Saturday evening session will be streamed live on the UCI’s youtube – and after the event, it’ll be archived in the same place too.  Aguascalientes is 6 hours behind the UK and 7 hours behind mainland Europe, so the stream will start at 11:30pm in the UK – but there’s a clever ticker on the stream counting down before the event that’ll give you an idea of when it’ll start in your timezone:

That’s only the final session, of course, so if you want to follow the other sessions live (or live-ish) we’re going to be looking at websites and twitter.  There’s usually live timing on Tissot Timing (usually a live timing button appears here).  The competition website has a page for results, and as with all the World Cups, all the results and startlists will pop up on Tissot here (the links turn red when information has been added).

The competition organisers have got a twitter, @trackworldcupmx, and hopefully they’ll be tweeting news and results as it happens – and they have a facebook page too, that will be good to watch for photos and results.

Both British Cycling and Cycling Australia are usually very good at telling us how their athletes are doing, although obviously that’s focused on the Brits/Aussies.  British Cycling’s twitter is @BritishCycling and they are bound to have daily reports and photos on their website (they already have a preview article here), and Cycling Australia has their main twitter at @CyclingAus and their track-specific twitter @CyclingAusTrack, and they should have daily reports and photos on their site and their track facebookhere’s their preview.  If anything else turns up, I’ll edit it in, and if you have more information, please add it to the comments!

The programme of events is here, and there’s a tv guide on the UCI website, but there’s not much information on it…  again, if you find any more tv, please let me know in the comments or on twitter, where I’m @_pigeons_, and I’ll edit it in.  There’s more information about the competition on the race websites – here’s the race website.  For the Manchester Track World Cup, some very British-focused videos were put onto the UCI youtube (I collected the women’s videos, and wrote about it here) so it could be worth checking that out – and if I find any video after the Cup, I’ll make a post here.

Ah, track!  It should be fantastic racing, can’t wait to cheer from the sofa!


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