Podcast 2013 – Episode 37 – The World’s European Champion of America

Podcast logo This week Helen Wyman drops by to talk to us about all things cyclocross including how it was to win Koppenberg Cross and then successfully defend her European Championship. We also talk technical stuff like her new Chicane tyres from Challenge and her disc brake setup. She gives us some insight into the ‘cross riders to be watching out for when Worlds rolls around and tells us some great stories about races from the past and more recent times. We laugh a lot and swear a bit too! ( 1:14:43 MIN / 71.73 MB)

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To find out more about Helen, visit her excellent website, and follow her twitter, and like her facebook fan page.

We loved her blog on her superb week, where she won the Koppenbergcross for the third time (yes, cyclocross on that Koppenberg) and retained her European Cyclocross Championship (or World’s European National Champion of America, as it’s now called) title.  Here’s a little Sporza video with her Koppenberg win.

Helen rides for the Kona team – check out their team page, and Helen’s individual page there.  If you want to have a look at her Major Jake bike, here’s a profile from CX Magazine, and if you want to know more about the Challenge Chicane tyre Helen was talking about, there are details here on the Challenge website. And if you want the Helen guide to choosing tyres, with some tips on different kinds of races, here’s a piece she did for Dirt magazine – and some advice for people wanting to start racing CX on Total Women’s Cycling.

We can’t believe Sophie de Boer hasn’t got a team (or a bike!) from 1st January.  She’s a really great rider, and a nice person to boot – follow her twitter.

If you want to follow the European Cyclocross season, here’s Sarah’s guide.  The races Helen would really love to have a good day on are the Namur World Cup on 22nd December (which will be streamed live on the UCI youtube), the bpost bank trofee in Baal, GP Sven Nys on 1st January (hopefully we’ll find streams), the Nommay World Cup on 26th January (also live on the UCI youtube) and of course, the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships in Hoogerheide on 1st February (expect UCI livestreams and more!).  Here’s the melodramatic Hoogerheide promo video:

If that’s not enough Helen, listen to our 2012 podcast interview with her!


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