Videos from the 2013 Manchester Track World Cup

This weekend was the first round in the 2013-14 Track World Cup, in Manchester, with the usual huge crowds and amazing riding.  I’ve got a collection of all the videos I’ve found so far, and I’ll add more in as I see them – I’m starting with the highlights reel from each day, then there’s a bit of a commentary about some issues there have been with the coverage, and then there’ll be the other videos….

If you want more highlights of the whole weekend and are in the UK (or using a proxy) then the BBC2 Sunday coverage is available online for 6 days.

If you’re not in the UK, you might be able to watch the UCI’s full coverage of the Sunday session:

And the 247tv coverage – the audio commentary and scoreboard shots – is on their youtube – day 1 day session, day 1 evening, day 2 day and evening and day 3.

The videos that are below, are the ones from the UCI Youtube site.  As I was watching these being added over the weekend, I got a bit confused and had to check – WAS it the UCI site, or was it British Cycling?  Because the videos that were posted seemed very, very British focused, which was kind of fair enough on the first day, when the Brits won both Team Pursuits (although the video of the men’s team sprint podium, titled “Men’s Team Sprint Bronze Podium – Great Britain“, with none titled about the gold or silver, was ridiculous).   There are videos up there of every single race a Brit is in – all titled as if they are the only teams or riders in there – so there are the early sprint rounds for Jess Varnish and Becky James, but none of the Olympic sprint champion Anna Meares, or German superstar Kristina Vogel, unless they happened to go up against the Brits – and when they do, they’re not in the titles or the tags.

I got really grumpy about this, so I left my first ever angry YouTube comment on one of the videos to this effect, and tweeted @TrackWorldCup to ask them to ask whoever uploaded the videos to include both names on the titles of the sprint races – and they edited the title of that one, and added both names on the sprint races that went up afterwards (that’s probably a coincidence and nothing to do with me!) but it makes me really embarrassed.  I’m British, I fell utterly in love with cycling at my first Manchester Track World Cup, and what I, and loads of British cycling fans like about the sport is the cast of thousands, all those different personalities and riders from all over the world.  Of course I support the British riders, but I also am a huge fan of superstars like Anna Meares, and all the riders who race on the road as well, and all the riders like Kristina Vogel who has these amazing interviews, and so many more.  So it’s horribly embarrassing, knowing that what people can see of Manchester is only the British.  The video of the Individual Pursuit podium is even titled and tagged with the names of gold medallist Jo Rowsell (GB), bronze medallist Katie Archibald (Scottish Cycling), but not the silver medallist, Australian Rebecca Wiasak.

Then there are both races from the sprint bronze medal round, because British rider Becky James was in them (and won! Amazing, Becky!) but only one of the two gold medal races, because there are no Brits.  There are selective videos from the omnium – Laura Trott‘s Flying Lap and Indivuidual Pursuit, but not the rider who won both those round, Gillian Carleton.   And no videos at all of the finals of the World Cup Scratch, won by Malgorzata Wojtyra (Pol) and Points race, won by Laura Brown (Can).

This is so shameful!  I know some people might be saying “oh, well they were working fast, it might just be an accident” but presumably someone was paid by the UCI to do this?  And let’s face it, everyone has some example of a time when they had to do something in real time, and did it properly.  If you can’t work out the names of both riders in a race, don’t put any names at the time, come back later and edit it!

I can’t imagine the equivalent of this happening in Track World Cups in Melbourne, for example.  It’s not just a small thing – this is the UCI’s record of what happened at the Cup, and not including riders’ names in the titles and tags means people searching for them – including potential sponsors and teams – can’t find them.  And I don’t believe for a moment that the British riders would be happy with this either – the British track women are so friendly with their competitors on twitter, and are always congratulating other riders, so I know this isn’t what they’d want to see.

There are some easy things to do to put this right – get the UCI Youtube administrators to go in and change the titles and tags to make them less British-focused; add more videos of races already featured, so, eg the first gold medal sprint, and Kristina Vogel’s journey through the competitions, the other first rounds of the keirin etc etc; add videos of races where British riders didn’t get onto the podium, like the women’s Scratch and Points.  And next time the UCI is handing over control to someone to update videos on their site, make it very, very clear that they want the full competition shown, not just the riders from that country.

EDIT!  Some people have rightly pointed on out twitter that when I talked there about this being a UCI issue, they probably weren’t in charge of adding videos.  It could have been a UCI staff, but was more likely the host broadcaster or the TWC organising team, so they’re who should be being blamed.  Yes, of course, and I’ve alluded to that in this post.  BUT, this is the UCI YT, and they have responsibility for what goes up – both in agreeing beforehand with the people who are posting for them what they want, checking over the course of the competition that what’s going up is what they agreed, and if there are issues (and I know I’ve raised them to the UCI twitter, and other have) to make sure they’re sorted out as soon as possible.

Anyway, on with the videos, with links to the final results – all other results and analysis on Tissot.

Team Pursuit

Team Sprint

Individual Pursuit


Individual Sprint

1/8th final races: Becky James (GBr) v Jingjing Shi (Chn) and  Jess Varnish (GB) v Olga Streltsova (Rus)

Quarter final races: Kristina Vogel (Ger) v Jess Varnish race 1 and race 2; Becky James v Elis Ligtleee (Ned) race 1 and race 2

Race for 5th-8th places:

Semi-final 1 – James v Vogel (no videos yet of the other semi, Wai Sze Lee (HKg) v Anna Meares (Aus)




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