Watch live! Manchester Track World Cup and this weekend’s cyclocross

It’s another big weekend for live cycling, with great track and cyclocross, and it’s all streamable!  Here’s what to watch and why


If you’ve never watch CX, it’s a really fun, muddy, crazy sport, and this weekend is the most perfect time to start.  Here’s broerie’s guide to CX for newbies, and tgsgirl’s must-see cyclocross calendar, which describes the races (and makes me laugh out loud) and the Velorooms season preview, which lists who’s who to watch – but if you want CX in a sentence, here’s mine:   Riders race laps of a course that includes man-made and natural obstacles like sand, hills and barriers, which is so hard they have to get off and run with the bikes at points – they race for an hour (50 mins for the women) and the first across the line wins!

Koppenbergcross, Friday 1st November, 15:00 CET

Koppenbergcross is part of the bpost bank Trofee series, but it’s possibly one of the most iconic mud races in its own right.  The course includes racing up the Koppenberg’s cobbled climb, that icon of the Belgian spring classics, and cycling legend and then racing down through a field that’s mix of mud and cow manure!  It’s a national holiday in Belgium, and it’ll be completely heaving with spectators yelling and cheering and drinking beer.

bpost bank trofee races are shown on Sporza, which is geo-restricted to Belgium, but if you’re not there, you can always find streams of varying qualities on places like Procyclinglive and Sports-livezz.  Among the women, Helen Wyman‘s won this twice, and will want a third cobblestone trophy for her mantlepiece, especially as Oudenaarde’s her Belgian hometown.  Lots more information on the race website.

UPDATE – all the streams are blocked today…  so we will just have to imagine it 😦

15:00 CET is 2pm UK, 10am USA EDT, 7am USA PDT and 1am Saturday Aussie AEDT.


Zonhoven, Sunday 3rd November, 15:00 CET

If Koppenbergcross is an iconic mud race, Zonhoven demonstrates another flavour of CX – sand races.  It’s held around a former sand quarry, and the key feature of each lap is the incredibly steep sandpit that riders race down and run up.  For me, on of the beauties of CX is that you don’t need to panic everytime riders crash, because of the muddy/sandy landings, and Zonhoven always has some spectacular moments.  Here’s the course video fly-though, and lots of great information on the website.

Zonhoven is part of the SuperPrestige series, so it’s streamed, un-geo-restricted, on Belgium tv channel vier here’s where you go to watch any of the SP races.


There’s no women’s race at Zonhoven, as they, the u23s and the juniors are at the…

European Cyclocross Championships, 3rd November

I’m hoping more information will turn up on the European Cycling Union’s website but there doesn’t look like any streaming…


Manchester Track World Cup, 1st – 3rd November

The first round of the 2013/14 Track World Cup is in Manchester, and it’s always one of the most explosive rounds, with all kinds of superstars racing all over the track.  If you’re new to track, it’s fast and furious, and the women get pretty much equal status as the men!  Lots of different events, but you can read about them all on wikipedia and work out what’s going on!

The schedule of the racing is on the website and on Tissot – and Tissot also have the startlists and live results.

All sessions’ audio and results will be streamed live on 247dottvclick through here and you can see the current session, or a count-down to when it’ll start in your time zone.

Friday and Saturday evening sessions and the Sunday day session are shown on the BBC red button and on their website (I found Friday’s session here – that might be the same for the others. if not check out  their cycling page – and if you want it on tv in your country, here’s the UCI’s tv guide.  (If you’re not in the UK and want to watch the BBC, trying adding Hola or Tunnelbear to your computer and setting it to the UK, and watching the BBC site).  Sunday’s session is streamed live on the UCI youtube too, for countries that can’t get tv coverage.


5 thoughts on “Watch live! Manchester Track World Cup and this weekend’s cyclocross

  1. Also this Sunday, the European championship cyclocross… It seems like they’ve listened to your preaching, they’ve added an U23 category for the women 🙂

    Not great that Zonhoven and the Euro’s clash though. That said, it seems like Zonhoven doesn’t have a women’s race.. Anyway, for the U23, Sabrina Stultiens is my bet. For the elites, I’m going with Nikki 🙂

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