Podcast – Episode 35 – The End of Season Part 1

Podcast logoThis week we get into our highlights from the 2013 season starting with the spring classics and moving on from there. The discussion takes in races, riders, imagined moments and all sorts of hilarity including a possibly really dirty joke about stamps. Honestly, there’s so much to love about the 2013 season that it’s definitely a 3 beer podcast this week (well, 2 and a half if you’re taking it easy). So sit back, relax, crack a cold one and settle in and prepare to relive the best bits of the first part of the season! And don’t forget to check all the links and videos and fun things out below!

(1:21:41 MIN / 78.42 MB)

Stream the end of the season (part 1) live-ish here (right-click, save-as to download).



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Races we talked about

Trofeo Alfredo Binda World Cup


Fléche Wallonne


Energiewacht Tour

Video highlights of the EWT: Stage 1; Stage 2; Stage 3a (the ITT); Stages 3b, 4 & Juniors Stage 1; Stage 5; and the highlights – and yes, here’s a photo of a rider having fallen into the canal….

Oooooops! Rider in the canal… http://t.co/WPFVQVbdGv

— Marijn de Vries (@marijnfietst) April 6, 2013

(lots of other links to videos etc in this episode of the podcast where Dan nearly died of laughter thinking about Fränk Schleck riding this one)


The Giro Rosa

  • That incredible Marianne Vos bike handling skills on Stage 2 – lots more clips and photos on this post


Riders we talked about

We especially really enjoyed some great performances from Ashleigh Moolman, Marijn de Vries (here’s her blog about emails guys send her), Valentina Scandolara, Ellen van Dijk and Tiffany Cromwell – click through those links to find out more about them (and don’t forget to click from their sites to their sponsors, and show them we love them!)

We spoke a bit about eating disorders and issues in the peloton – here are the Bonnie Ford profile of Mara Abbott on espnW, Grace Sulzberger‘s interview about her bulimia in the Sydney Morning HeraldMarijn de Vries’ blog about eating and food and the women’s peloton and Collyn Ahart‘s blog on body issues in amateur cycling, Cyclerexic.


Newport International Para-cycling Cup

If you’re anywhere near the UK over 29th November – 1st December, please join Sarah in watching some great track racing!  It’s the only international Para-Cycling track event on the calendar for 2013 and 2014 (we hope there will be something next year…) so the riders will be embracing the opportunity to race.  It’s free for the day sessions and only £5 for the evenings – it’s going to be brilliant!  Here’s how to buy tickets, and more information.


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