What were we going to talk about again?

Podcast logoHoly shit kids, it’s been a weird week! Cycling news has trailed off a little bit with the conclusion of worlds and whatnot. Sarah and I were talking earlier in the week about what we’d talk about on this week’s podcast and she said “Dan, should we do our end of season wrap-up?” and I was all glib and overly-confident “Pssshhhht, there’s no need to rush into that Sarah, we’ve got HEAPS to talk about.”

And then we got to time to get ready to record tonight’s podcast and it turned out that (this is painful for me to admit) I made a mistake.

You see, dear friends, what I took from our conversation was “We’re going to talk about our end of season wrap-up and highlights”. What Sarah took from the conversation was my assurance that we could do that NEXT week.

Sorry Sarah, and sorry friends. It’s ALL MY FAULT.

Here, to help you cope until next week when we wrap-up the season, is a list of most excellent links of stuff from the last week:

Road World Cup

  • We enjoyed this video from the UCI, talking with Michael Anderson, one of the managers of the Open de Suede Vårgårda World Cups, on what goes into organising the races (so many women’s race are run by volunteers, we really recommend emailing them the ones you liked this year, to say thanks for all their work.  If you loved Vårgårda, here are their contact details)

  • The UCI is having a competition to design the jerseys for the 2014 Road World Cup.  Watch the video and read all about it on VeloNation.  Usually Sarah agrees with paying people to do things like design etc, but this is an interesting way to make stakeholders feel engaged – and demonstrate there’s an interest in the competition.



  • It was also the first ever edition of the GP Brabant this weekend, a Dutch race that’s had a lot of involvement of Marianne Vos.  Here’s a Dutch video of her talking about it (yes, of course she won!)

Marianne Vos

Speaking of Vos, the big news was she’s going to be having surgery to remove a cyst from her back, to hopefully sort out her back pain.  Sarah was a bit worried about the idea she was having back surgery, but Vos says it’s just routine

Vos wasn’t just racing this weekend, she was running CX clinics for kids – with Daphny van den Brand, too!





  • One of the riders who’s be shining in Apeldoorn is Laura Trott – there was a great article by her talking about her sister, Emma Trott, track v road, riding with Wiggle Honda, her plans for the season, and more, in the Telegraph.
  • If you’re in the UK and want to get into riding track, here’s a video from British Cycling explaining how you can start


The 2016 Olympic Road Race route

Olympic road race profile 13.07.01It’s a bit early to get excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics, but then Sarah saw the map of the route.  That profile looks really, really brutal…. took extreme to be true?  Well, yes – the lovely Velofocus mapped the route and this is what it actually looks like:

 Still, that’s a gorgeous course (including a section racing along the Copacabana beach!) and Sarah’s already bouncing off the walls thinking about it!


If you want to hear Sarah podcast this week, she’s also got her weekly slot on the Velocast Eurosport podcast – it’s not as sweary as ours, but it might keep you going!


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