Some things I’ve been thinking about this week

Two things I’ve been thinking a lot about, in terms of the state of cycling:

  • The Giro Toscana organisers are still threatening to take riders to court over the protest in the race.  I can’t believe it, but apparently riders aren’t allowed to withdraw from races in protest – but this can’t stand up in any court, surely?  The Italian Cycling Federation has been asked to investigate, and damn, I hope it backfires on the organisers.
  • I’ve done some analysis on the 2013 and 2014 road cycling calendars.  Some quick facts:
    • in September ’12, 180 racing days were on the calendar for 2013, but because of cancellations etc, only 147 were raced.
    • But despite losing races, there are currently 168 racing days planned for 2014 – 10 more, if you believe the races in Syria and Brazil will go ahead.
    • There are some unfortunate overlaps in next year’s calendar, but some clear gaps for new races, or for existing races to expand into.
    • Overall, it’s good news – click through and admire my skill in colour-coding charts.

Also, if you want to celebrate Marianne Vos winning the 2013 Road Cycling Championships, Freebird Velo has her “When I grow up I want to ride like Marianne Vos” t-shirts back in her Etsy store.  I love mine, I really recommend these for all your friends & family & children you know & Secret Santa gifts etc etc etc!


7 thoughts on “Some things I’ve been thinking about this week

  1. Sarah – again, it goes without saying what a wonderful job you do promoting women’s cycling on this & other blogs, and on the Podium Cafe. I also enjoy the enthusiasm and information I get from all the contributors and commenters at PdC but it seems like after 6-7 months de-luring there & commenting myself that I still feel very much like an outsider. Therefore I will for now go back into lurk-mode over there, if I even ever bother to even visit the site again. Perhaps I’m out of my league with that group… oh well. It is what it is. Keep up the great work! See ‘ya around. Bobby

    • Hey Bobby, for my part I sincerely hope you keep checking back in at PdC and commenting when the mood takes you. You add a lot to the conversation and it’s very much appreciated. Cheers, Dan.

      • Thank you, Dan! I sure will.. Sorry for the depressing post (must have been the hypertension meds I’m taking 🙂 ) but I’ve at least had a couple of days to reflect, and as far as getting the low-down on all things cyclign there’s no better place to start then here, the Cafe and a few other blogs. CN, well… as long as I can block out TERMINATOR’s comments, maybe. 😉

      • Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I’ve been sick too – but not as sick as you? Hypertension? Yikes! I hope it’s something that’s all under control, and stops bothering you completely.

        Please don’t feel like you don’t belong, you really do. I think sometimes people sound more abrupt because of talking in 2nd languages etc, but everyone’s a valued member of the community, especially you, who bring so many great links. I know I am sometimes guilty of forgetting to say thanks, but I always, always appreciate it, and your contribution.

        That said, there’s equally no pressure to chat if you don’t want to – there shouldn’t be on anyone (except Dan, he should always comment more ;-)) and our lurkers, or people who only talk occasionally are just as valued as the chatterboxes. Of course, the balance has to feel right for you, but whatever you decide, you’re always a member of the community there, and I always value your contributions, here, there and anywhere else.

        Hope you feel better soon

      • Always appreciated. Sarah. 🙂

        My hypertension was discovered a few months ago after I had minor chest pains after a very hectic period @ work that really stressed me out. But I have a feeling my condition was years in the making (inadequate exercise – though I did ride quite a bit – lousy diet which is not all that uncommon in the US given the high obesity & diabetes-rates in recent years and working/gigging long hours and not getting enough sleep). My BP was as high as 160/110 at one point – stroke-level! – and with the added high cholesterol I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic (my weight was around 100 kg / 225 lb which at 5′ 6″ was well into obese-range) and since then I’ve been taking HCTZ (yep, the same pill WADA tried to bust Alex Kolobnev on) and Lipitor, radically changed my diet and biked every weekend with stationary-trainer every evening except on ride-days – and over the following 4 months my BP is now only slightly above normal (avg. 130/85), & weight is down to 198-200.

        Anyway, to make a long story short: sometimes serious illness has a way of sneaking up on you unawares, and at my age (low 50’s) I cannot afford to let that happen.

      • So, so glad it was caught before it turned into something really nasty – and very glad things are getting better, you need to be around for a long, long time!

      • Also… have a followup-evaluation in December (incl. more blood-work) to see what my glucose & cholesterol levels are at. I’ll be on the meds at least until then.

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