Podcast 2013 Episode 33 – The Shutdown

Podcast logoThis week we uncover the real reason for the US government shutdown and then we get stuck into recapping all the amazing racing that happened at worlds. The Junior Women’s race and the Elite Women’s race. It was epic and there’s lot to enjoy and discuss. From Monique Hanley live-tweeting the junior race through to the amazing range of domestiques and top stars who made the Elite race SO FUCKING EXCITING(!!!), we’re definitely still basking in the afterglow of good race. We also take some time to consider some of Brian Cookson’s recent comments regarding women’s cycling and the level of internal attention and support it currently receives from the UCI (HINT: Pick a number and then go lower. Lower. Lower. Still lower. Ok, now divide that number by 2.). But then we resolve to finish on a good note so we celebrate Tracey Gaudry being appointed as a Vice-President of the UCI and being on the road commission. Enjoy! (1:26:08 MIN / 82.68 MB)

To stream all the shutdown worlds news click here.



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Things we talked about this week:


  • Katie Colclough‘s last race was the Worlds Road Race, as she’s is retiring at age 23

A World team time trial win on Sunday but @KatieColclough1 tells me Saturday’s elite women’s road race will be her last as a procyclist.

— Jill Douglas (@JillADouglas) September 26, 2013


Things we didn’t talk about that we still like

It’s the end of Pat McQuaid’s rule!  We look forward to seeing what Brian Cookson does for women’s cycling, now he’s the UCI president.  Did you know that there’s only one third of one person’s job at the UCI dedicated to developing all aspects of women’s cycling worldwide?  Cookson says he’s going to change that

We especially liked that Cookson has appointed Tracey Gaudry as UCI Vice President!  Congratulations Tracey!  Find out more about her in this interview from December.


The women’s road cycling calendar for 2014

Sarah’s post about it on Podium Café, and this video explaining the changes to the Road World Cup:


Things from the USA

  • If you’re a woman in the USA who races bikes, at any level, please fill in the USA Cycling survey, whether you’re a member or not
  • Find out more about Team USA riders, how they got into cycling, why they ride, how Carmen Small murdered her goldfish on a bike and more…


Other things

Have you ever thought about trying track racing?

Sarah’s added even more videos and links to her post about the 2013 Leogang dh MTB World Cup and Four Cross World Champs.  And it you’ve seen those, and are suffering from a MTB video addiction that needs more, more, MORE…  this and these



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