Videos & links from the 2013 women’s Road Race World Champs

What a race!  WHAT A RACE!!!  And there are a ton of videos, AND below the jump I’ll tell you how to watch the entire race…  First, the highlights

Then, the last 7km, from that decisive final attack

If you want to watch the whole race back, it’s archived on the UCI youtube, with commentary from Ant McCrossan and Rachel Neylan.  Now, this is geo-restricted, but I’ve got a secret for you – add the Hola app, or use Tunnelbear, set your country to something like New Zealand and Spain, and you can watch it!

Some things I especially loved about the race:

  • Tiffany Cromwell‘s killer spirit – that lap where she was dropped from the front group, and was 12 seconds behind at the top of the climb, but caught them up on the descent, and launched her final, desperate attack.  It didn’t work, and she ended up 9th, but I absolutely love that do-or-die spirit.  There are quotes about her race in the ORICA-AIS report, and in Gracie Elvin’s blog about the Worlds on Cycling Tips.
  • The Italian team’s spirit – they rode so damn well, with that very Italian style of making up their tactics on the road.  Apparently they were meant to be racing for Tatiana Guderzo, but in the final front group, she realised she was cramping, so they switched tactics and Rossella Ratto, who’d been working hard all race, went for it.  I was so happy that Elisa Longo Borghini was able to be up there, too, given that she broken her hip and ripped open her stomach in June, in a crash at the Italian National Champs.  She’d said she was only at 80% still, and while I would actually have cried with happiness if she’d won, it was great she was so good, so soon – imagine what she’ll be like next year! Guderzo and Longo Borghini crossed the line together in 7th & 8th, and this screenshot by Monty of that is such a great moment:

There’s a much better photo of that moment here by CJ Farquharson, on CJFoto.  CJ does such amazing work for women’s cycling, reporting on the races all year round, and taking photos.  Read her race report with photos on, and check out her gallery on CJFoto.

  • That last break really showed us which where the strongest cycling team nations in the world – Italy, with Ratto, Longo Borghini and Guderzo from Italy; and the Netherlands, with Marianne Vos and Anna van der Breggan.  The solo riders, Tiffany Cromwell (Aus), Emma Johansson (Swe) and Evelyn Stevens (USA), and Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) and Tatiana Antoshina (Russia), who joined them later, had a really, really tough job, knowing they were out-numbered, and by such riders.  I loved Evie Stevens’ attacks – she makes climbing look SO easy – and here she is talking in two interviews after the race.

  • I have loved Wei Yuet‘s Worlds photos all week, and man, I adored his women’s Road Race shots.  I especially liked the ones that showed the contrast between the riders working so hard, and spectators or just people’s everyday life happening around the race, and the ones of riders chasing solo, where you can see the “backstage” parts of the race.  And I loved the ones of riders after the race – exhaustion, happiness, tiny moments.  Have a look at his other sets from the race, and everything on his website too.  They’re beautiful.
  • And of course, there was the Netherlands National Team.  I will never get bored of watching Vos race, she was such a worthy winner.  Her team was INCREDIBLE, with Lucinda Brand‘s attacks and hard, HARD work in the early laps, and then Anna van der Breggan laying everything on the line for her in the end.  But Vos was also taking her turns on the front, and rode beautifully, such exciting racing.  Here’s her talking, in English, after the race

There’s another interview with her, in Dutch, on NOS.  I love this photo of her after the race on Yahoo, once she’s realised what she’s done!

Here are Van der Breggan and Brand interviewed after the race, also in Dutch:

And here’s a film following the Dutch team before and after the race, with Vos, Annemiek van Vleuten, Loes Gunnewijk and more.  It’s in Dutch, but it’s fun to watch, even if you don’t understand Dutch!

I love the Dutch team spirit – this photo of AvV, Brand and Ellen van Dijk singing the national anthem along with Vos on the podium really made ma smile!  It’s by Wiggle Honda‘s social media man Bart Hazen, and you should click through to the gallery of his photos on Peloton Café and look at them all.

  • One of the things I really enjoyed about the race was chatting about it on twitter with so many people, and in the Podium Café livethread.  If we talked over Worlds Week, THANKYOU!!  I love the online community of fans, and being able to share the love of the race and the sport, whether it’s with long-term fans or people who knew nothing about women’s racing.  Here’s Chris Fonteccio’s Podium Café race report, with more conversation in the comments.  It truly makes the races a lot more fun sharing them with other people.  And getting to see other riders loving the racing too is an especially fun icing on the cake.
  • And a big huge thanks to all the riders who work so hard, and sacrifice so much, for our entertainment.  I honestly can’t tell you how much I admire and appreciate all of them.  That was an incredible race, and I can’t wait to see what happens next in the sport

There are more videos – Press Conference interviews in English from the podium of Vos, Emma Johansson and Rossella Ratto (the first one has race clips behind it) (they might be the same words from different angles!)

Here’s just Emma:

And just Rossella:

And here are two more reports of the day

Here are the full results.  There are race reports on VeloNation, and report and more CJ Farquharson photos on Cyclingnews.  More photos, by Anton Vos on CorVos.  And I did like Will Fotheringham’s comments on how British Cycling approached the race in this Guardian report….

There are bound to be more things coming up over the coming weeks – if you see anything you like, please please let me know!  I’m off to watch it all over again, and re-live that happiness!


UPDATE 1/10: Here’s a very USA-based (and, I’d say, skewed) How The Race Was Won:

I’ve said this before, but I’ve never ever understood Team USA’s yearly plan of working so hard on the front of the race, which helps everyone else * .  Sure, it was good in the Giro this time, but damn it to hell, I wish I’d seen them for once making the Dutch and the Italians do all the work in the early laps, and leaving riders like the fantastic Megan Guarnier fresh for later, rather than looking after Abbott.  Sigh.

* UPDATE!  Some of the commentators apparently suggested it’s because USA riders aren’t used to racing in such a large, aggressive peloton, so they race hard on the front…  which kind of makes sense, but not for riders like Small and Guarnier.  They clearly were following the team plan, like good team-mates should, killing themselves on the front, but damn, they’d have been better use later…


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