Videos and links from the Junior Women’s Road Race

While the UCI Congress was going on, and on, and ON, the junior women were racing their Road cycling World Championships.  In some ways it was the most interesting course – no run-in, just 5 laps of the hilly finishing course.  And even though we couldn’t watch it live, Monique Hanley’s tweets and Giulia de Maio‘s  livetext updates on TuttoBici made the race sing.

The big move of the race came in the first lap with Junior omnium World Champion Anna Knauer (Ger) and Ukrainian Olena Demydova attacking, joined by Anastasiia Iakovenko (Rus), and at the end of the first lap, they were chased by Amalie Diderksen (Den) and Jessenia Meneses Gonzalez (Col).   As they raced, trackie Knauer putting up a huge fight, losing touch on the climbs and chasing back on over and over again,  while the chasing pair finally made it to the front – four together, with Knauer coming and going, until she was finally dropped in the fourth lap, but kept battling on alone.

The peloton tried to catch the four, but couldn’t manage to get the gap down.  In the final lap it looked like it would come down to four – but then disaster for Meneses Gonzalez, when a mechanical put her out of the race, with just kilometres to go – what a terrible way to lose a race!

Demydova had been the strongest rider all the way through the race, but as she, Iakovenko and Dederiksen came into the finishing kilometre, the race wasn’t about strength, but skill, and she was out-manoeuvred by the other two, Iakovenko starting to sprint early, but Dideriksen proving herself the cleverest, keeping her cool until she surged past her and won the race – gorgeous, clever racing, tactics winning over power!

Full results

1.   Amalie Dideriksen, Denmark, 2:32:23
2.   Anastasia Iakovenko, Russia, s.t.
3.   Olena Demydova, Ukraine, + 00:03
4.   Jessenia Meneses Gonzalez, Colombia, + 00:18
5.   Milda Jankauskaite, Lithuania, + 00:34
6.   Tereza Medvedova, Slovakia, s.t.
7.   Severine Eraud, France, s.t.
8.   Alexandra Manly, Australia, s.t.
9.   Kelly Catlin, USA, s.t.
10. Jeanne Korevaar, Netherlands, s.t.

Want to know why there’s no video highlights?  So does everyone else….  Seriously, UCI, what is going on with how you DON’T promote the junior women?  All the journalists were in the Congress rather than reporting on the race – and why on earth hold the Congress and election at the same time as the race, rather than on the Wednesday rest day?   There are some clips with these interviews from the press conference, with Dideriksen describing the race

and more Q&A in this video:

Every day this week one of my highlights has been Wei Yuet‘s photography – here’s his set from the Junior women’s race, in black and white.  There’s a race report and more photos on, and more by CJ Farquharson on CJFoto.  Photos by Bart Hazen on the Daily Peloton, Anton Vos on CorVos, photos on Cyclingnews and more on

If I find anything else, I’ll let you know…

UPDATE!  There’s a tiny mention on the GCN daily report – I think there might have been an issue with no one being given any footage….


4 thoughts on “Videos and links from the Junior Women’s Road Race

  1. There were no camera motos out with the race that I saw. So unless they had the fixed cameras running there may be none.

    I also want to mention Cecilie Ludwig here. She looked really strong, with a team mate up the road she couldn’t go attacking but was in the first few bikes of the peloton all day and either she was feeling pretty good or you really don’t want to play poker against her. Looked like she could have done much more if the break worked out different.

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