Podcast 2013 Episode 32 – The TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT-T

Podcast logoSo far in the 2013 UCI World Championships we’ve had the Trade Team Team Time Trial (yes, with two teams), the Individual Time Trial and a bunch of video coverage issues! But Sarah’s promised not to rant and we don’t know if we can last a whole show… Oh who are we kidding? You all know that there’s no way Sarah and I can go a whole podcast without ranting! We also point out a couple of great interviews with Kristy Scrymgeour and Lizzie Armitstead as well as taking some time to catch up on the 4X (Four Cross) and MTB news before making our best guesses at who’s going to win the road race this weekend. (1:24:16 MIN / 80.89 MB)

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This we talked about….


  • If you want to ask why the TTT wasn’t streamed live, when broadcasters wanted it, here’s what to do.

Then, when you get the stock reply back saying it’s all the individual broadcasters’ fault, forward it on to your cycling broadcaster, asking THEM why they didn’t show it, and tell us if you get an answer!

Mountain bikes!

Lizzie Armitstead

Two things Lizzie – this interview in the Guardian and check her out in Inspire: the Olympic Journey – Lizzie at Plouay is from 3 minutes, Sarah thinks it’s the best short film on cycling she’s seen (may be be geo-restricted to the UK)  UPDATE!  The Lizzie-only clip is also here, and apparently un-georestricted too!  Hoorah!


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