Videos – and so much beauty – from the Hafjell MTB World Cup

This weekend it was Hafjell‘s turn for the MTB World Cup – the final round for the cross country riders, penultimate for the downhillers.  And it was beautiful – gorgeous Norwegian scenery, the most amazing light ever glowing through the forests, and of course, SPECTACULAR riding!  So if you missed it, let me tell you how you can catch up with it all.  I have to warn you, some of the downhill photos are stunning!


The first race of the weekend was the Eliminator, with Eva Lechner the only rider who could disrupt the theme that do do well in Eliminator you have to come from a country beginning with a ‘Sw’ sound…

Here’s the highlights video – and here’s the full replay of the men’s and women’s rounds.

With Jenny Rissveds winning the race and Alexandra Engen taking the series win, it was Swedish domination!  Here’s Engen’s blog about the race (doesn’t she sound happy?) and there are some lovely photos on the MTB World Cup facebook album – I love this one of Rissveds in the air.


Cross County

In a Norwegian MTB race, of course Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå would have a lot of fans – and who would be better to tell us about the course?  Here’s Red Bull’s video of Gunn-Rita taking us on a course preview.

First up, the u23s, with Andrea Waldis taking the win and young Aussie Bec Henderson winning the overall World Cup (some quotes from her on Cycling Australia’s site) – photos on facebook.

Then, the elite race, and you can watch the full race replay on RedBull, with photos on Pinkbike and facebook (I love all the ones of Tanja Zakelj celebrating with the Slovenian fans after winning the World Cup series, and Eva Lechner’s huge pink-framed glasses on the podium!).

UPDATE – here’s a little video following Tanja at the race:

and here’s one about Zakelj taking the title, from the UCI:

Norwegian bike show Sykkelextra was reporting from Hafjell, with race footage and various interviews with Dale Flesjå and other riders:

UPDATE!  And a Multivan Marida 21-minute film following the team – with lots of Dahle Flesjå



As always, there’s some AMAZING coverage of the downhill races.  It started off with the trackwalk – check out the photos from Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike, and the Dirt video, with Micayla Gatto and Tracey Hannah talking about the track (I am always so impressed by Hannah, she had a brutal crash last year and broke her collarbone twice this year, but she’s so smiley and hardcore….

Then the Thursday practice day – Pinkbike’s photos, and OMG, the beautiful, stunning amazing light in these photos from Dirt, with audio interviews from Manon Carpenter and Tahnée Seagrave (click to hear)…  and Manon Carpenter‘s jumpy picture, and some b&w portraits on Red Bull Bike.  Here’s the Dirt video, with little clips of women racing, and Emmeline Ragot talking about the track in her adorable French accent.

Friday had the Qualifying rounds, and more beautiful photos – with stunning light on PinkBike and on Dirt – sigh!  There’s a Dirt audio interview here with Emmeline Ragot, and a Dirt video, too (mostly the guys, but some women riding too)

Saturday practice – photos from Dirt and Pinkbike and Manon’s audio interview, and one with Rachel Atherton

RACE DAY!!!!  And you know all that golden sunshine?  Replaced with huge amounts of Scandinavian-style rain!

Highlights video and the full race footage (I could watch Rach Atherton jump all day, and OMG, how Tracey Hannah rescued herself from what looked like disaster, and SO MUCH to love!)  There’s the race video, too, on Dirt, with Rachel Atherton talking about how she kept nearly falling, and it was only the cheers of the crowds that kept her upright – aw!

UPDATE! Here’s the highlights video:

Photos on Pinkbike, and facebook, and watch out on Dirt, because they usually have great ones some gorgeous-as-usual photos from Dirt, with post-race audio interview with Manon, and a post-win one with Rachel.

UPDATE!   Photo-essay on Pinkbike, following Madison Saracen, with lots of Manon.  The photos are by Laurence Crossman-Emms, who takes my favourite photos, usually on Dirt.  Check out his website, it’s lush.

Here’s a video, of a day in the life of Tracey Hannah, and anything else I see, I’ll add in here – there are bound to be more team videos and photos and all sorts, it’s so easy to love MTB!

UPDATE!  Another video, this time from Emmeline Ragot’s team, Lapierre Downhill Republic

UPDATE!  And another video, from Dirt Norco, with Casey Brown talking about the hole in her hip, and how her bike processes the gnar !


Want the results from all the races?  They’re all on the UCI site – the race results from the downhill, XCo and Eliminator and the overall series rankings.   Anything you see that you like, please let me know in the comments!


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