Le Tour Entier – the manifesto

I’m sure we’ll be talking about this more in our next women’s cycling podcast, but Kathryn Bertine has launched the Le Tour Entier website, which has evolved from the petition asking the ASO to reinstate a women’s Tour de France.

The website has more information about all of that, and their campaign is asking for much more than just a TdF – read the full Le Tour Entier manifesto, which sets out a whole range of changes they’d like to see, from race organisers, the ASO, teams, Federations and more.

There’s a lot to take in, so we’re bound to talk about this over the next few weeks – but do have a look, and tell us what you think.  And if you’d like to help them out, you sign the petition, if you haven’t already, buy limited edition Castelli Le Tour Entier Cycling kit, follow @LeTourEntier on twitter, and tweet them your support

(Dan and I interviewed Kathryn back in June, before she started Le Tour Entier – if you want to hear about her talk about her Half the Road women’s cycling documentary, how she got into cycling and more, listen to that podcast)


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