How to watch the 2013 Hafjell MTB World Cups live

Live racing!  This time the MTB World Cup is in Norway, and it’s gorgeous…

Here’s the timetable – to watch each race live, click through the links.  Before the races it gives a handy count-down so you can easily convert to your own timezone, and after the races the full coverage is archived there, so if you miss it live you can see it later.

There will be the usual pre- and post-race Downill coverage by Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike – I liked PinkBike’s trackwalk photo-essay, and Dirt’s trackwalk video, with Tracey Hannah talking about the course…  Dirt have a great portrait of Hannah (and some lovely scenery shots) on their trackwalk photo-gallery.

I especially loved this Red Bull helmet cam of the DH track  from Claudio Caluori, with crashes, near-misses and WOW! that course is crazy!

More information on all the races on the Red Bull bike site and the competition website – and there’ll be plenty of videos and things all weekend.


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