Podcast 2013 Episode 29 – Don’t Mention the Election

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowHi everyone! This week Dan’s depressed about the forthcoming Aussie election so Sarah cheers him up with all the latest news around Plouay, Boels Ladies Tour, the World MTB championships and a whole heap of other racing excitement. And Sarah talks a lot about knickers! (but it’s sort of related to cycling, really). We also discuss Sarah’s “opinions” about national federations and the UCI and Dan nominates Sarah for a new job at the UCI. For all the fun and madcappery (plus the curious sort of road-accident-can’t-look-away-ish-ness of Dan being so despondent) listen along below! (1:19:54 MIN / 76.71 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Starting with video from Stage 1 of the Boels Rental Ladies Tour, with that incredible unpaved dirt section

Last week’s racing

GP de Plouay World Cup

2013 MTB World Championships

2013 Para-Cycling World Championships

There wasn’t that much information out there, but some things we saw


This week’s racing

Tour de l’Ardèche, 2nd-7th September

  • Prologue & Stage 1 report from Wiggle Honda
  • UPDATE!  Here’s a little bit of video, focusing on French team Vienne Futuroscope

Boels Rental Ladies Tour, 3rd-8th September

  • Race promo video

To find out more about the races, check out Sarah’s preview of them – and to follow the races as they happen, check out the comments, and use Sarah’s live race twitter list.

Tour of the Murray River

  • Watch out for videos on the Cycling Australia youtubeUPDATE!  Here’s their video from Day 2 (stage 2 for the men, stage 1 for the women)



Sarah’s post of ideas on how the UCI and national Federations can help women cyclists and to help develop women’s cycling.

Want to know who’ll be riding World Championships?  We’re collecting the news in a Podium Café post (check the comments for, well, commentary)  And if you, or anyone you know, is new to the women’s peloton and wants avice on who to follow for the Worlds, if you tweet Sarah your/their favourite type of male rider, she’ll send you their equivalent (here’s last year’s posts of Equivalents – part 1, part 2 and part 3)

You should definitely listen to the excellent Pelotonitis podcast…  we liked the description of their latest episode:

We prove ourselves to be the laziest podcast by talking about races we didn’t watch or follow.

Emma Pooley has been appointed to the UK Anti-Doping athletes’ committee.

We didn’t mention this, but the first UCI women’s coaching course has just finished, and you can read about that here.

The URBANIST Chammy knickers kickstarter (that’s knickers-as-in-underpants, the British way!)

The launch of the 2014 Energiewacht Tour – 7 stages, and 4 stages for the junior women – they’ve added an extra day.  Here’s the video:

here’s the launch video from RTV Noord

Sarah reckons this is pretty much exactly Dan’s opinion on the whole Australian election choice.  Sarah doesn’t believe him, but Dan swears he didn’t write it, although he admits it does sound like he did (Sarah realises if he had written it, it would have had a section on asylum policy and Dan maintains that if he had written it, he’d have spelt “fuckwittage” properly).  Unsurprisingly, it contains swearing.


Upcoming racing

USA cyclocross, lock up your trophies!  Helen Wyman’s come over to rampage through the East Coast races!  Follow her on her website and on twitter.

Giro della Toscana, 11th-15th September

MTB World Cup – Hafjell, 12th-15th September

Chrono Champenois, 15th September


This happened a while ago, but Sarah’s just found video of the 2013 Tour de Languedoc Roussillon:


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