Shirt week – Marianne Vos edition!

Envie Liv cycling kit

To celebrate the launch of the 100 limited edition Marianne Vos Liv/Giant Envie Advanced bikes, there are, apparently, 300 of these special Envie Liv kits, with the Vos logo on them.  I’d love to tell you how you can get your hands on the bikes and the jerseys, but try as I might, I can’t find any information!  But watch Vos talk about the bike, and find out more about the general Envie Advanced range, and read about the launch.

If you can’t buy that jersey, there’s still a way to look like Vos on the roads….


Rabobank-Liv/Giant replica jerseys

I didn’t know this before, but women can buy the Rabobank-Liv/Giant team jersey at the Dutch Liv/Giant online shop.  Now, this seems to be only on the Dutch version of the site – you can always try looking up the shop/gear page on your country’s Liv/Giant portal (click the arrow next to the Dutch flag at the top of the site, and it’ll give you a list of options) but it’s not on the UK/Ireland site…

On the Dutch site, the 2013 Rabo-Liv/Giant team jersey is €119.95, and comes in a women’s version only – and they have a range of other women’s cycling jerseys and clothing (“dames” is Dutch for women’s) down the lists – here are the women’s jersey shops from the UK/Ireland, USA (floral!) and Australia, but there are country-specific shops, pick yours from the drop-down menu at the top of the site).


For other jerseys from women’s pro teams, check out previous posts – for Specialized-lululemon, Wiggle Honda, Vanderkitten, and some of the British domestic teams


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