Podcast 2013 Episode 28 – Pat and Brian Join Us

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowThis week we’re joined by avid women’s cycling fans Pat McQuaid and Brian Cookson (or Dan’s rather terrible impression of them). We talk great racing, especially at the Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour. We take a brief wander down nostalgia lane where Sarah tells Dan how awesome Australia is, and Dan reminds Sarah that every animal in Australia is trying to kill you. Somewhere in there we get sidetracked into a discussion of the weirdest/creepiest search terms people have used to find our website (turns out a lot of people are searching for cycling specific porn) which leads us to ponder a new business idea (not really). In non-silly stuff we also take some time to talk about the main health stories of the week, and how we’ve been inspired by particular riders. It’s a cracker of an episode, well worth the price of admission (it’s free!). ( 1:10:21 MIN / 67.53 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

The Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour

Trophée d’Or

Sam Miranda Tour of the King Valley

  • The great videos from Cycling Austalia – and a highlights package will be shown on Aussie tv channel SBS1 on Sunday September 1 at 4:30pm – 5:00pm and Monday September 2 5:30pm – 6:00pm


2014 Transfers


Rider health

  • Gillian Carleton‘s blog about her depression and mental health issues, on Bicycling.com.  We really admire her for being so open, and hope she recovers well, to come back stronger.

We’re also really pleased she’s had so much support from Specialized-lululemon – they are such a great team for things like that – we remember Ina-Yoko Teutenberg‘s interview on Peloton magazine earlier in the year, where she spoke about her depression issues, and how the team put her full recovery from her head injuries above everything else.

  • We’re thinking of Australian rider Carla Ryan, who has been diagnosed with a parasite infection, causing huge problems for her season.  Hope everything improves for her.
  • Ottilie Quince recently won the World Transplant Games ITT and Road Race for the second consecutive time, and immediately had to have an operation on her 1 kidney – here’s her blog about it.  We’d urge you to join your organ donation registry, if you haven’t already.



Emma Johansson has taken over from Marianne Vos at the top of the UCI rankings.  This is the first time Vos hasn’t been No. 1 for 6 years!

Speaking of Vos, Sarah’s being driven to distraction, wondering how you can buy one of the 300 limited edition Marianne Vos Envie Liv kits (or one of the 100 Envie Advanced Limited edition Vos bikes, for that matter.  They were unveiled at a Liv/Giant launch event, and you can see them both in this video, but it’s a mystery how she’d get her hands on one (you can find out about the non-limited-edition Envie Advanced here)

It’s always nice to see cycling teams expanding, and we enjoyed the Epic Cycles-Scott Contessa manifesto and aims for 2014.  If British-based riders at Cat 2 level and above want to get involved and ride for them next year, there’s still time to send in a rider CV – follow that link.

Former track World Champion Kate Bates has an article about who she thinks might be in the Australian team for the World Championships – it’s always fun playing “build a team”, which of us will be right?

If you, like Sarah, are a fan of Downhill star Rachel Atherton, and you missed her and her brother Gee on The Cycle Show this week, it’s available on the ITV Player for a month (may be geo-restricted to the UK) (Dan really felt for Gee when he saw this video of Gee’s crash at Mont-Sainte-Anne training – warning, man issues!)

We didn’t see this before we ‘casted this week, but Brian Cookson has just published another blog, talking about his support for women’s cycling.  Of course we support this, but we still would like to see some concrete principles.  (You can’t link to individual posts, so look for the blog of 28/08/13 on his site)


Upcoming racing

The 2013 MTB World Championships, 28th August-1st September

GP de Plouay World Cup, 31st August

Tour de l’Ardèche, 2nd-9th September

  • Preview on Les Déesses, and to follow on VeloFocus – and of course, information from Gwéna and VeloNova.

Boels Ladies Tour, 3rd-8th September


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