How to follow the 2013 MTB World Championships

This week it’s the Cross Country (XCo) and Downhill Mountainbike World Championships, from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.  As always, with the big MTB competitions, Red Bull tv will be streaming each race live, and there’ll be a ton of photos, videos and exciting things ways to follow.

UPDATE!  There’s live-timing for each race right here

In the run-up to the competition there will be videos and information on the competition website, and the Red Bull Bike MTB pages – and for the downhill, on Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike.  Dirt already have a preview post, with all kinds of information and polemica.  And you can follow the run-up and the competitions with the race twitter, @MTBWorlds2013 and on their facebook.  South African site Cycling Direct will also be following the race, on their site and on their twitter, and Cyclingnews have some pre-race articles and interviews on their World Champs portal.

Here’s the South African tv schedule, and where the startlists will be.  I’ll update the post with links of things I see in the run-up, but here’s how to follow it all…

Here’s the full Red Bull tv schedule, and here are the individual links to the streams – for your time, click through to the live links and you’ll see a countdown to when they start.  These will also be where the races will be archived.

  • Thursday 29th August: Junior Women’s & Men’s XCo final – not live, but there will be information on the sites above
  • Friday 30th August: Junior Women’s and Men’s DH finals; women’s Trials finals – not live, but there will be information on the sites above
  • Saturday 31st August: Women’s Cross Country World Championships, from 11:20am BST, 12:20 CEST, 6:20am USA EDT, 3:20am USA PDT, 8:20pm Aus AEST.  Live hereCourse information, and here’s the track:

UPDATE!  Here’s a great preview of the race and course in Spanish, by Saul

  • Saturday 31st August:  Men’s Cross Country World Champs, from 1:50pm BST, 14:50 CEST, 8:50am USA EDT, 5:50am USA PDT, 10:50pm Aus AEST.  Live here.  Course info, and the same track as above.
  • Sunday 1st September: Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Eliminator, from 9:50am BST, 10:50 CEST, 4:50am USA EDT, 1:50am USA PDT, 6:50am Aus AEST.  Live hereCourse info, and here’s the course video:

  • Sunday 1st September: Women’s and Men’s Downhill World Champs, from 12:50pm BST, 13:50 CEST, 7:50am USA EDT, 4:50am USA PDT, 9:50pm Aus AEST.  Live hereDirt’s previewCourse info, and the course video:

I am a huge fan of helmetcam videos like those, but that DH vid is especially fun, because the course isn’t fully ready, or marked out, so it looks in places like he’s just aiming at trees.  And love the car jumps!  It’ll look very different on the day…

More information to follow as I see it…  any questions, or anything you see that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments!


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