Videos from the 2013 Open de Suède Vårgårda World Cups

This week we were back in Road World Cup territory, this time in Sweden, for the Open de Suède Vårgårda Team Time Trial and Road Race.  I’ve written about the Road Race on Podium Café – I think was the best edition of the race I’ve ever followed (and I LOVE this race!)  – but here are the videos from the weekend.  There are going to be more to follow, and I’ll edit them in later…

Here’s the UCI’s video from both events – in English, commentated by the lovely Ben Atkins, and with little interviews with the likes of Evie Stevens, Emma Johansson, Giorgia Bronzini, Emilia Fahlin and of course Marianne Vos:

Update!  The UCI half-hour video on Vårgårda and Plouay:

Team Time Trial

The latest in Rochelle Gilmore‘s Rochelle’s World Series has her team Wiggle Honda getting ready for the practice.

UPDATE!  Here’s a more formal one from them, with Rochelle in the team car

UPDATE! Video from Boels-Dolmans

And a before and after video of Rabobank-Liv/Giant from RabosportTV:

Rest Day

Rabo were very busy this weekend – here are videos from the rest day between the races, and from before the Road Race

Looking at the work of the soigneur/masseuse

Road Race

The race was streamed by Vårgå, and you can see their coverage here. It’s the best example we have of creative, cheap streaming – with a fixed camera on the lap finish-line, and half way through the race, they add a camera at the top of the hill, and in between there are graphics showing the position of the front rider/s and the group.  The commentary is part-radio, and all in Swedish – but it’s clearly very informed, and I found it very enjoyable.  However, if you don’t understand Swedish you might want to fast forward to the action.  It’s 12 laps of an 11-lap course, so there’s still lots to see.  I love Vårgårda as an example of how races make their own media – but it’s not TdF level!

Rabosport highlights, with Vos talking about how absolutely delighted she was to win, having just coming back from treatment for a pinched nerve and back issues, and despite a mid-race puncture:

UPDATE!  Video from Wiggle Honda, with Rochelle Gilmore in the team car, following Bronzini in the break and then the chase group, and Bronzini talking about the race afterwards

UPDATE!  Videos from the UCI – highlights…

and “Behind the scenes” with race director Michael Andersen


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