Videos – Junior Track World Championships 2013

I always love the Junior Track World Championships, because it’s not only the chance to spot stars of the future, but it’s also great to watch the young riders learning and developing – and their huge emotion when they win, and realise that all that hard work over the years has paid off.  It’s lovely!

This year’s Track World Champs were shown live, so if you missed them, here are the videos – highlights shows and the full sessions – and I’ve put in the timings for the full races, if you want to find your favourites.

Day 1

For full coverage, here are the Qualification sessions, and here’s the evening, final session:

If you want to just watch the full finals there, here are the timestamps:

  • Women’s scratch race from 1:23:53
  • Men’s Team Pursuit bronze & gold finals from 1:40:52
  • Women’s Team Sprint bronze & gold finals from 2:01:00
  • Men’s Team Sprint bronze & gold finals from 2:17:17

Day 2

Full coverage?  Qualification session, with Australia’s unfortunate Team Pursuit squad carh – they still raced for bronze….  and the finals:

  • Starts with the women’s 500m
  • Men’s Scratch race from 0:58:30
  • Men’s Individual Pursuit from 1:36:39
  • Men’s keirin from 2:05:00
  • Women’s team pursuit from 2:27:25

Here’s the Cycling Australia day report – I love the comment from Kelsey Robson about their first ride, and how they felt when they broke the World Record, only to have Great Britain break it again a few minutes later.

Day 3

Morning qualifications session here – and evening finals session:

  • Starts with men’s kilo,
  • Women’s Sprint 1/4 Finals, race 1, 1:43:43
  • Women’s Individual Pursuit Finals, 2:02:31
  • Womens’ Sprint 1/4 finals, race 2, 2:13:12
  • Men’s Points race finals, 2:34:17
  • Men’s omnium round 3 – Elimination, 3:26:32
  • Women’s Sprint 5th-8th place final, 3:50:30

I love the elimination!  Probably my favourite ever track race

Day 4

LOVED the points race, with Italy’s Arianna Fidanza demonstrating her tactical skills by taking the risk that resulted in the win.  And women’s elimination – fabulous racing!  Qualifications show, and the finals session:

  • Starts with Women’s Sprint 1/2 final, first races
  • Men’s sprint 1/4 finals, first races 0:09:56
  • Women’s Sprint 1/2 final, second races 0:24:08
  • Men’s omnium scratch race, 0:33:30
  • Men’s sprint 1/4 finals, second races, 0:50:41
  • Women’s Points race, 1:07:00
  • Men’s sprint 1/4 finals, third races, 1:39:55
  • Women’s sprint finals, first races, 1:52:38
  • Men’s sprint 5th-8th place final, 2:07:02
  • Women’s sprint finals, second races, 2:10:21
  • Men’s omnium kilo ITT, 2:18:25
  • Women’s sprint finals, third race, 2:56:20
  • Women’s omnium Elimination, 3:17:33

Day 5

Qualifications session – and the finals session:

  • Starts with men’s sprint 1/2 final
  • Women’s omnium scratch race, 0:12:50
  • Men’s sprint 1/2 final race 2, 0:29:30
  • Women’s keirin Round 2, 0:42:12
  • Men’s sprint 1/2 final race 3, 0:53:46
  • Women’s omnium 500m, 0:59:05
  • Women’s keirin finals, 1:20:00
  • Men’s sprint final, race 1, 1:34:03
  • Men’s sprint final, race 2, 1:55:39
  • Men’s Madison, 2:00:00


All the results and race reports from each day are on the Race website – and you can find some great photo albums on the race facebook.

Can’t wait for the track season!


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