Podcast 2013 Episode 23 – The Calendar Edition

Podcast logoThis week Sarah pulls apart the UCI calendar and rebuilds it, comparing previous years so we can see what’s happened to all the races. Speaking of races, we recap Thüringen, Limousin and Cascade before launching into other ranty stuff like catching up on the petition to the ASO for a women’s Tour de France and the various reactions to it. We also talk about some of the cool things we’ve seen around the joint online and I also (mis)appropriate an idea that Craig left in the comments here about a different kind of stakeholder survey. Pour yourself a large drink and get ready to snort it out your nose. (1:27:39 MIN / 84.15 MB)

Click here to listen to the non-nude calendar being made.



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Things we discussed this week

Part 1 of Sarah’s post on the changes to the women’s cycling calendar, on Podium Café – check back there for discussion in the comments and more. She’ll have more charts and more comment later in the week – keep an eye on the women’s section of Podium Café.

UPDATE!  Part 2 of Sarah’s posts, with a chart showing all the changes over time, and a visual view of the 2013 season

Last week’s (hundreds of) races:

Thüringen Rundfahrt

Lots of videos and race reports, on womenscycling.net – head to CJ’s site for the photos and race report, more photos on CJFoto, and her youtube for the race videos and post-race videos.  We’re big fans of Valentina Scandolara, so here’s the video of her Stage 6 win, and the interviews with her, Lucinda Brand and Emma Johansson, after the stage:

We’re thinking of Daisy Depoorter, who was hit by a vehicle in training for the ITT and suffered some horrible injuries.  Heal fast, Daisy.

Tour Féminin en Limousin

All the coverage of the race on Women’s Cycling Fever

Cascade Classic

Lots of coverage by Anne-Marije Rook and photos by Chris See on Podium Café

European u23 and Junior Road Championships

Photos and results on the European Cycling Union website and post-race interviews on their youtube

Other things we talked about

  • We really admire the work of the Amy Gillett Foundation, and their advocacy for improving conditions for cyclists in Australia (among other things).  Do check out their website, if you’re interesting in cycling anywhere in the world, for their campaigns, and also about Amy Gillett, who was killed in an accident at the Thüringen Rundfahrt in 2005.
  • The CEO of the Foundation is Tracey Gaudry, who was elected to the UCI Board as the Oceania President this year.  We like this interview with Gaudry on Le Tour Prologue, on doping, the UCI, her work in the region and more:

  • Women cyclists have been campaigning and pushing for equality for years – we recommend looking at Hanka Kupfernagel‘s story and following her on twitter, because she’s one of the reasons the UCI let women race cyclocross, and then World Cups, and then get paid.  It’s important, we think, to remember how much change has been achieved, so that we remain ambitious for the sport, and continue to call for the cyclists to have proper recognition for their skills, sacrifices, passion and achievements.
  • Speaking of Cyclocrossers, one of our very favourite riders, Helen Wyman, will be on The Cycle Show on Monday 29th July, 8pm BST on ITV4 (repeated at 9 on ITV4+1).  This is an hour-long magazine programme that features all aspects of cycling, and while they feature a lot of women throughout the season, this episode will focus on women’s cycling.  If you can’t see ITV4 where you are, try searching for the channel on filmon, and you might be able to watch it live, too.  Previous episodes of the show are archived on the ITV Player.

Upcoming racing

More cycling to watch live!  The Vallnord round of the MTB World Cup (Round 3 for downhill, Round 4 for Cross Country) starts today, and as always it’s all streamed live on RedBulltv!

For time conversions, click through to the links and you’ll see a handy count-down ticker.  As always, these will have excellent commentary, and the entire races will be viewable on the RedBull site if you miss them, via those same links.  For more information about the World Cups (Marianne Vos on the women’s XC startlist!) click through to the race site.

RedBull are also streaming the 2013 BMX World Championships on 28th July, in Aukland, New Zealand – coverage starts in the UK at 4am, but again, click here for the live ticker for when it is with you, and to watch it live, or after the event.

The Sparkassen Giro is a day road race in Germany on 28th July – read previews on Velofocus and Les Déesses de la Route and startlist on CyclingFever.

Erondegemse Pijl (Erpe-Mere) is a Belgian day race on 3rd August that’s part of the Lotto Cycling Cup series – Les Déesses preview

La Route de France is an 8-day French stage race, back from the dead for 2013 (hooray!) – we’re really glad it’s back!  Previews on Les Déesses and one will turn up on Velofocus, info on CyclingFever, and watch out for all the best French coverage on Le Blog de Gwéna and VeloNova.


As always, if there’s anything you want to share, tell us we’re wrong about, or if you’d like to apply to be Sarah’s minion, leave us a comment, or get in touch at prowomenscycling [at] gmail [dot] com.  If you want to follow or contact us on twitter (and why wouldn’t you?) Dan is now @DanWOfficial and Sarah is @_pigeons_


5 thoughts on “Podcast 2013 Episode 23 – The Calendar Edition

  1. We need a campaign to get existing women’s races broadcast either on TV or via the internet. The Giro Rosa took place during the Tour de France and RAI already covers it. Why isn’t that content syndicated and broadcast outside of Italy, perhaps dove-tailing with coverage of the TdF. How about the Fleche-Vallone or Tour of Flanders?

    • Yeah, the RAI coverage thing bothers me – I wish RAI would open the broadcast internationally, at the very least, AND the places like Eurosport would show it. or that the UCI would put it on their website, like they do with the World Championships. The thing that gets me, all the time, is that every race I can think of that’s UCI registered is also filmed all the way through – and they own the World Cup races and rights, it should be super-easy. I know they have access to the full footage to make their highlights films – so why don’t they show them? Super-frustrating.

      • There’s been some good progress, with the 5-min World Cup highlights appearing the same day as the races, and the 15-min-per-race things that turn up later, but yeah, there’s DEFINITELY room for more improvement!

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