Podcast 2013 – Episode 22 – We go a little bit crazy

Podcast logoThis week I think Sarah and I might be a bit broken. We definitely go a little crazy and in between talking about Tour de Bretagne, Thüringen Rundfahrt, Limousin, and other cycling stuff we make each other laugh a lot about stupid things. Sorry (not sorry). We round up a bunch of cool things that we saw and do laugh quite a lot. This one’s a classic quickie, just to prove we still can. (47:38 MIN / 45.73 MB)

Click here for the craziest story about touring whisky distilleries you’ll hear in the next hour.



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Things we talked about this week

We’re really enjoying the Aussie Foxtel Tour de France show, Le Tour Prologue, and especially the fact it features ex-pro-cyclist Bridie O’Donnell. Here’s one of Dr Bridie’s Dissections:

and we recommend you have a look at all their video clips on youtube – we really liked Monique Hanley talking about cycling with Type 1 Diabetes, Judith Arndt on her post-racing life, and the interview with BMX superstar Caroline Buchanan.

Tour de France petition

On the subject of the TdF, make sure you sign the petition to the ASO set up by Kathryn Bertine, Emma Pooley, Marianne Vos and Chrissie Wellington, calling for women to be able to race at the Tour de France.  There’s a ton of information about this in the media, but some links:

As Dan says, this is as much about demonstrating there is an audience for the sport as it is for expecting a race to start next year, so add your name!


Last week’s racing

This week’s racing

Stage 1 reports on ORICA and Womenscycling, and Stage 2 reports on ORICA and womenscycling.

Things we completely forgot to mention (sorry! We’re pretty useless this week!)

This week’s Tour Chats featured an interview with Giro Rosa winner, Mara Abbott, about winning the race for the second time – head over and watch it


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