Podcast 2013 – Episode 21 But White Lines Can’t Be In A Black Hole

Podcast logoThis week is a long episode kittens (and puppies!) and most of the show is recapping the last 5 stages of the Giro Rosa. There was a lot of action, some great moments and more than a little polemica. We unpack the action stage by stage (with our patented diversions along the way) and somewhere in all of that we even tell you who won (I think). We also look around at some cool interviews and news items from the week. Sarah launches a Specialized-lululemon conspiracy rumour and we get a glimpse of races just ahead. One thing we forgot to mention in the podcast and immediately kicked ourselves for forgetting was that the eternally awesome Amber Pierce made a great series of videos explaining some of the tactical thinking that will have played into the strategies of various teams and riders as the race progressed. If you’ve ever wanted to get an idea of how a rider views the race then these videos are invaluable. (1:31:08 MIN / 87.48 MB)

Stream the entire (podcast about the) 2013 Giro Rosa here.



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Things we talked about this week…

The Giro Rosa

Sarah’s been writing daily race reports and having rider Q&As throughout the race – the reports have all the videos and links and results in them – and all the videos are on our prowomenscycling youtube playlist.

All the Podium Café Giro articles – and this is where the riders’ post-race Q&As will go

Other things we talked about

Judith Arndt retired last year, and moved to Australia, so it’s great to see her interviewed on Australian Tour de France tv show Le Tour Prologue, including by Bridie O’Donnell.  We miss Arndt, but it’s great to see more women cyclists on tv!

Cycling Victoria’s Guide Club Toolkit for attracting women and girls – it’s really simple and basic and useful and fabulous.

Emma Pooley’s interview on BBC Radio Woman’s Hour

An article by Jen See on Velonews about USA riders setting up a women’s cycling movement to try to improve American racing

Swordpanda’s explanation of how Vos is so crazy-fast in the corners and descents.

Sarah couldn’t believe Dan has never seen this Bugs Bunny cartoon (possibly because she described it as Frankensteiny rather than Jeckyll&Hyde-y…) (but still, Dan always says Sarah’s rubbish at popular culture?)

What British people say v. what they mean v what other people think they mean.   Sarah hears what Dan is saying, with the greatest respect, and thinks it’s a brave and interesting idea and she’ll bear it in mind.

That Specialized-lululemon floral kit:

and looking for that, Sarah found a new video, made by a team following Specialized-lululemon – Giro Rosa stage 1, with lots of atmosphere – and Stage 2, with Vos talking about her bike save, and Tayler Wiles and Evie Stevens interviews

Upcoming races:

Tell us about your Giro highlights, or anything else you want to talk about, in the comments or by email to prowomenscycling [at] gmail [dot] com – or tweet us, Sarah’s @_pigeons_ and Dan’s changed his name to @DanWOfficial


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