Giro Rosa – Stage 8 videos

I can’t believe the Giro is over already!  Here’s my Stage 8 report on Podium Café, with all the usual results, links, photos and stuff – and I’ll be winding up my favourite moments and interviewing riders about the race this week.  I’ll edit in more videos as I find them, but here are what’s up so far…

Here’s the race highlights video, with interviews with all the big stars at the end

For the full hour of video, either start with Part 1 and let the playlist run, or watch in bits – Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 – with the podium and post-race fun:


One thought on “Giro Rosa – Stage 8 videos

  1. Bravo, Signor Rivoli! But por favore, make it at least 10 stages next year! The riders & fans deserve that..

    And Bravo to you too, Sarah, for all the wonderful work presenting the race here & at PdC. 😀

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