Giro Rosa 2013 – Stage 4 videos

Stage 4 was kept firmly under control by Rabobank, and it all came down to an uphill sprint.  Read all about it on my race report, and my post-stage Q&A with Amanda Spratt and Loren Rowney – and Jens has written about what the next two stages mean for the race.

Here’s the endgame of the race – there’s the full hour-long coverage, and a lot more, including dancing riders, below…

Pro rider Amber Pierce gives a video review of Stage 4 from a pro-rider perspective, talking about tactics and stories from her own Giros:

At the start of each stage there’s a DJ, and each team has a signature song when they sign on – and there tends to be team dancing.  Here’s Lotto Belisol:

Here’s the official race report – with English interviews with Marianne Vos, Evelyn Stevens and Ashleigh Moolman:

There’s a full hour of video from the race – you can either see it by starting on Part 1 and letting it run through the playlist, or watch it in the separate videos:


3 thoughts on “Giro Rosa 2013 – Stage 4 videos

  1. Excellent coverage, Sarah! But again, reading the tweets from today’s stage (and congrats, Mara Abbott for the win & moving into the maglia rosa!!), the lack of “live” coverage outside of Twitter is inhumanely frustrating, just simply not becoming for a race of the Giro Rosa’s caliber. As I ranted previously on PdC, a f*****g disgrace”…

    That being said, I suppose we should be grateful for RAI Sport 2 to provide the 1-hour “highlights” every evening during the race. Their coverage is quite good, kudos to them for that, but it really needs to be ‘live’. I know, the Tour de France, but still…

    I hope this is the last year we have to endure this, and that enough racers, DS’es, fans etc. will organize enough pressure to improve the availability on real-time broadcast coverage of this & other women’s races.

    • I’m torn this week, between ranting about the lack of coverage, and cheerleading for what we have. It’s very difficult, and I never know what I think – is the glass half-empty or half-full? Ah, the philosophical dilemmas of women’s cycling….

      • Yep… and the UCI published the results of the Stakeholders’ Survey today (5 July), and, amongst all the other findings, they put in a blurb that there was a massive response to the inquiries concerning “developing” women’s cycling (which in my opinion is quite developed enough with regards to the rider-talent, in many cases even more so then the men’s) but what is really needed is more stability for women’s teams & races – better compensation for the riders, a more stable & varied race-calendar, and the urgent need for “live” broadcast-coverage, among other issues. And, of course, there’s Candidate Cookson who declares he wants to “improve” women’s cycling if elected UCI President. But, in Cookson’s case we’ve been down that road before already, so who knows where that will lead…

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