Time to tip the scales

Hey team, this one’s just a quick post to remind you of Kathryn Bertine’s excellent documentary project Half the Road. You may have heard Sarah and I talking about it on recent podcasts, or even heard the episode where we interviewed Kathryn about the project and her career.

Half the Road is an important documentary and a project I believe in very much because it provides an almost unique opportunity to tell a compelling story about professional women’s cycling in a medium that would normally be beyond it. A lot of credit has to go to the drive and determination Kathryn herself has shown in shooting and working tirelessly on the documentary.

About 4 weeks ago Kathryn launched an IndieGogo fundraising campaign to help raise the money needed to secure Olympic footage (which is VERY expensive), enter the film in competitions, complete the editing and assist with other associated costs. I commented at the time that the EP credit reward option was probably the easiest and cheapest EP credit I’ve seen. Someone has definitely paid attention and just a few days ago Half the Road got great news.

Today we (I say “we” collectively, because all fans of women’s cycling, cycling, sport and women stand to gain so much from this) are super close to getting this project funded. At the time of writing this, there’s a bit over $10,000 that needs to be raised. So, if you haven’t already I’m calling on you now to donate, tweet, facebook, email, go door-to-door in your neighbourhood. Maybe rob your local drug dealer (NOTE: For legal reasons I can’t recommend that you actually rob your local drug dealer, or anybody for that matter. So don’t rob anyone.)

But the point is that it’s time for us to tip the scales and make this thing happen. Let’s do it.


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