Help a USA cyclist get to the Giro Rosa

I saw this fundraiser to help Brianna Walle get to the Giro Rosa, on Jenn Levo’s tumblr.  This drives me crazy – Walle has been given a place to race for Team USA at the Giro Rosa – the women’s Grand Tour, by far the biggest stage race the women’s peloton has – but only if she can raise $1,500 to cover her travel and insurance expenses.

Now, I do understand that travelling from the USA to Europe is expensive – but if USA Cycling is prepared to enter the race, they should want the best riders there, regardless of if they have the money to travel or not.  It absolutely shouldn’t be that only riders with the cash can race, because that’s ultimately prioritising financial background over racing skills.  They’ll be the only national team in the race – but what does that matter, if it’s not the best riders, but those who can afford it?
It’s also worth reminding people that when Team Australia brings riders over, they’re paid for, as a reward for their skills – and that’s a LOT more expensive than a trip from the States!

BUT!  As dimspace said on twitter, the good thing is, she’s raised nearly all the money in less than 24 hours, and only has $200 to go – can you help her reach that target?  She’s a great rider – a first-year pro ho’s been working hard for Optum-Kelly Benefits all season, and just this week was third in the Nature Valley ITT, despite having a mechanical problem that left her in the little ring for half the race.  Read about that on Velonews! And find out more about her on her website and twitter – and here’s hoping we’ll be reading all about her adventures in Italy very soon!


2 thoughts on “Help a USA cyclist get to the Giro Rosa

  1. Guys, I love this blog! But this time I decided to leave my comment because I think this post is a little bit off the reality of things, and I think it’s a real pity when that happens as you are so passionate about promoting the awesomeness of women’s cycling.

    We all have the tendency of blaming the government, and National/International Federations are exactly that when it comes to sport. I must say USA Cycling is one of the NFs that does the most for their female riders. Especially at entry level, which is where they need the most assistance. You said yourself, USA is the only national team at the Giro Rosa, meaning the only one from a NF.

    One of the main sources of revenue for NFs is the afiliation of events, and most US organizers don’t see the value of that – and therefore don’t support the development of their national team. It’s a very short sighted approach, and there’s something to be changed.

    I’ve no doubt they would like to travel to Italy with the best possible team – why shouldn’t they? And I’m so happy to see brave girls like Brianna fighting to get there! Good luck Brianna!

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